" I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that LOVING is the best calorie burner. I believe kissing. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." ~Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas morning...

Cru gave Casey and I a wonderful Christmas present this year...he slept in until 9:40!!! I woke up at 7 and put the Christmas casserole in the oven and went back to bed, an hour and a half later the oven timer was beeping and Cru was talking in his crib. Perfect timing.
We got up, ate breakfast, fed the babe and Casey and I opened our gifts...yeah thats right, we opened our gifts first and then let Cru at his. We are awesome. haha
Casey and I spent a whole $11 bucks of Cru for Christmas. Everything else he got from grandparents. However, he has currently only played with his new soccer ball, listened to his singamagigs and played with his easy grasp ball.
I loved Christmas when it was just Casey and I, it was even better starting a few new traditions now that we have Cru and I have a feeling they are just going to get better and better.
Cru with all his toys...
Casey's mom and dad asked what we would like them to get Cru for Christmas, I told them that I wanted to start an education fund for Cru and would love if they wanted to make his first deposit. They went beyond that and are actually doing the research for the best one that actually plays to stock market. I am really excited about it, and really really grateful. Education is so important to Casey and I and we are excited to start this fund for Cru so that he too can experience and appreciate the importance of a college degree.

Santa came to Nana's

Every year Santa makes his grand appearance to my mom's house (Nana's). All the grandkids LOVE it and it is something we all look forward to during our family Christmas party. The year's Santa had a fake beard, as soon as we put Cru on Santa's lap, he we for it on almost pulled it downed, Santa had pretty quick hands though, and was able to hold it in place while I pried Cru's fingers apart. It was quite entertaining, well at least I thought.
Cru received his first stocking from Santa filled with a gift card to Babies R Us. It was perfect!
I am kind of bummed that I didnt get a good shot of Cru with Santa. But at least I got something...
Thanks mom for yet another fun Christmas party!

Gardner Village

To start out this year's Christmas festivities, Casey and I decided to venture out and take Cru to see the Elves at Gardner Village before it got too cold. Of course as soon as I got Cru out of his car seat and started walking it started down pouring. Cru was a trooper though, we were still able to get some pictures and spot a few elves. Christmas is SO much better with little ones!

Casey's 27th and Mom's 50th

The love of my life turned 27. The lucky boy got the day off of work and I of course did not, so he got to spend the morning with Cru until I got home. I got him a PS3. I think it is BY FAR the best gift I have ever given him. I have never seen him that excited to get something. We ended up taking it back and getting the bundle package with the PS3 Move - which is super fun. Anyway, happy belated birthday post babe! I love you!

My mom turned the big 5-0 last month. I sent out an invitation to have her party at my house...but because Cru had RSV I was no longer feeling up to it, so we partied at Outback and let them clean up the mess, it was perfect. Happy birthday momma, I love you dearly!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

4 months.

I feel like this sweet little man has always been a part of my life. But I swear everyday he changes so much.
Cru is such a good baby. I still don't think Casey knows how good we have it (or maybe I am naive and really just have no idea).

4 Month stats:
Weight: 14 pounds 11 oz - 50%
Height: 26.5 inches - 90%
Head: 17 inches - 85%

The past month Cru has still been enjoying the same things he always has:
- Car rides
- Bath time
- Going to bed

But he has learned some new things too:
- Rollin over! For about a week he would just go from his tummy to his back, but last week he goes, tummy to back to tummy to back. He gets really proud of himself when he goes back to his back and loves it when we start clapping and cheering him on.
- How to grab absolutely everything and stick it in his mouth.
- Pull on my hair. It is the first thing he goes for EVERY time I pick him up.
- Talking to his 'Liger' in his pack n play - he seriously will just lay in that thing forever talking to her, its so cute.
- He loves eating rice cereal off a spoon. He took it like a champ in fact! He watches the spoon get the rice cereal and make its way back to his mouth, he opens wide and doesn't spit a thing out. He loved it. However, yesterday the doc just told me to put it in his bottle for now, till he is eating more.
- Family prayers. He lays there and coos the entire time and tries to put his feet on dads face.

Here are some pics from Monday November 29th, his actual 4 month mark -

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its time!

Its time!

We got our family pictures taken with all of Casey's family for his parents Christmas gift. Poor little Cru, I felt like an awful mom taking him out when he was all RSV'd up. But he was a champ...we even got a picture of him smiling. Doesn't surprise me though - you would have never known the little guy was sick.
So, it took one look at the huge shot of the fam for me to realize that its TIME for me to start working out again. I keep thinking, its only been 4 months and my c-section incision is still numb - but seriously, will ever not be? Anyway, Ive every once in a while been riding the bike, doing P90X or Insanity...but for some reason, I just cant get into it. This is how my mind works..."Cru will be alseep for about an hour, do I get in the shower or do I work out?" The shower ALWAYS wins. Bummer!
So I decided to take an easier approach. I tried to find something that will only take a couple of weeks and is somewhat easy to get back into the swing of things and to help tone up my arms and tummy...what else is there...PUSHUPS and SITUPS!!! So I am doing the 100 pushup and 200 situp challenge. Its 6 weeks and on the last day...Ill be able to do 100 pushups and 200 situps straight. Im totally excited about it. Casey and I did the 'initial test' to rank ourselves last night. Casey pumped out 45 pushups like it wasnt anything, and I could barely make it up on numerb 15. You would think that toting a baby around for the past 4 months would have helped - it didnt. So there you have it, I can only do 15 man pushups and in 6 weeks it will be 100!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cru and RSV

You know, I always knew I was going to be an anal over protective mother. I have always been overprotective of those that I love - but when there is a 'little' man who relies on me to help him grow big and strong, I'm even worse. I have hand sanitizer attached to my diaper bag and won't let a soul touch Cru until they've sanitized. We don't take Cru to church in fear of him getting sick by another child whose mother "has to go to church" and puts the rest of us at risk. He practically sweatss every time I take him into the cold weather because of how bundled he is. I wake up multiple times a night, just to check on him...the list goes on. Cru has been sleeping through the night for about 2 months now, two weeks ago, he started getting really restless and kept waking up. I would go into his room and attempt to give him his binky, but everytime I put in in his mouth, he sounded like darth vador from how congested he was. I though he was getting a cold...So...I took him in that morning to the doctor. They first told me the poor babe has ear infections. I was a little upset and taken back just because I 'heard' that nursed babies usually dont get their first ear infection till you stip nursing - guess you can't beliece everything you read. We started talking about how congested he was and the Doc said he wanted to test him for RSV "OK", I replied...I wasn't prepared for the awkwardness they were about to put my baby through. They had to stick a q-tip type thing about 3 inches up his 1 inch nose for a nasal swab test. I was by myself. The nurse came in and told me to lay him on my lap and to hold his head., and if I didnt "hold it good enough that the swab could go too far up and really hurt him" - great. I started preparing myself for his high screeched pain cry, the same one he let out when he got his two month shots...but to my surprise, he didn't make a sound. I was shocked. When the nurse was done, he scrunched his eyebrows together and gave me this VERY dissatisfied look...like a "are you kidding me" or a "why the hell did you just let her do that to me" or a "you just sat there and watched her" - Whatever it was, I must admit, his facial expression was pretty funny. But, not a tear shed. The Nurse told me that he was the first baby she had ever done that to that didnt make a peep! She was quite impressed.
20 minutes later, the Doc came in and told me my baby has RSV. My heart sunk. Seriously? What does this mean, what do I need to do? I was scared. I knew that was something that people seroiusly fear and my baby had it.
Cru slept in our bedroom in his little bed for a week, any peep he made had me on my heels. The last thing the Doc said to me before we left his office that day was that he will stip breathing, turn blue, start crying and then pink up again...doesnt that sound lovely?
We took Cru in almost everyday the past 2 weeks to get him checked. We were told that we caught it early (day 2 to be exact)...my babies ears are now infection free, he doesnt have anything in his lungs and he is sounding SOOOO good! We didnt have to hospitalize him, he wasnt able to be on any meds for it because of how young he is, we sunctioned he little nose like Nazis and had the humidifier on full blast...he made it through like a champ!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Octobers Best

Cru go to go to his first pumpkin patch! We had to pick out a pumpkin for him, but of course he loved being there. HAHA. I was not daring enough to put him on a bail of hay or surrounded by pumpkins, so in dad and moms arms is where he stayed...Doesn't Cru look EXACTLY like Casey? So cute!

On Friday evening we took Cru to the 5A girls soccer state championship game (which was totally lame) at the Rio Tinto Stadium...he was quite the trooper and was loving every minute of him - it was a good practice round for his first REAL soccer game.

It was so fun figuring out what our little family would dress up as for Halloween. Cru loved is get up. He even fell asleep in the pot - it was hilarious. We took him to 4 Halloween parties in 2 days and he totally stole the show at Casey and my work places.

Friday, October 22, 2010

10-10-10 - Cru's Blessing

We blessed Cru on October 10th. It was such a beautiful day. Having been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ my entire life, I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by some amazing Priesthood holders. One of them being my sweet husband. I will never forget the first time I truly felt my husbands sweet spirit and the power he portrayed as I knelt down in prayer with him just 3 days after he returned home from his mission in Nicaragua. I swear up and down that I knew that I would marry Casey when I was in 10th grade - but this was the day I knew it for certainty. This man had the Priesthood, something I wanted my children to have in their home as they grew. Today, was the first, of I am sure many blessings, that Casey gave to his first son.
I sat in amazement at the calmness and sincere heartfelt prayer that was offered up during Cru's blessing - what a lucky boy to have such an amazing father! A father that dreams of the day when they will be 'playing' outside and washing the cars. I father who already gave his whole heart away the minute he saw him for the first time. A father that will drive home for lunch breaks just to see his family and one that will be an amazing example to our entire family...

Casey - Me - Cru
My happy baby
Aunt Alyssa, Nana, Cru and Grampa
Casey - Grandma - Grandpa Bubba - Cru - Me
Papa and Cru

I made Chocolate Cookie Dough Cupcakes...the were delish!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No question...

Im at work right now and dont have any pictures to post - but hopefully I will get to that on Thursday.... But, I just have to say, that I serioulsy have the coolest baby EVER!
Cru and I went to the Alta Girls Quarterfinal game on Tuesday (which they lost by the way) and Cru sat perfectly content on my lap watching girls run back and forth in front of him (when they were close enough for him to see) for the ENTIRE first half. At half-time, I had to go the the bathroom - so we went and on the way back to our chair he fell asleep. Not a peep out of him the whole time - he was totally happy and enjoyed every moment. Some lady came up and asked how old Cru was, when I told her that he was 2 months, her eyes got big and her jaw dropped. She told me how "lucky" I am to have such a good baby. But I already knew that. Even with all the cheering and clapping, and screaming...he loved it! He would just glance over wherever the noise was coming from. It was hilarious.
Then, on Sunday.... Cru slept from 8:20pm to 5:30am, I went and got him out of his bed and brought him in to cuddle with me for a little while, he fell back alseep and when I rolled over to see what time it was, the clock said.....10:28!!!! I seriously, was so tired the rest of the day cause I got TO MUCH sleep! How awesome is that???
Oh my little Cruiser is a perfect miniture of his parents...and it is WONDERFUL!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Picture Time!

I am getting back into the swing of things and am aching to get back out and take pictures! It is beautiful outside and my camera is calling my name!!!
If you are interested in getting your family pictures taken, give me a call - check out my photography blog http://www.carvphotography.blogspot.com/!
Keep in mind, that I am aware that the economy sucks right now and that people dont wont to spend money on family photos, but I am a cheap date...at only $50 bucks, I promise you will get many that you LOVE!!!
Plus, I have a sister that makes SUPER cute Christmas cards that look fab with my locations! Check her out on Etsy - Natty Sue Designs.
Give me a call to schedule - 801-953-8761

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Me

Every time Cru falls asleep, I find myself either... 1. Writing on my LettersToCru blog or 2. Searching for other enjoyable blogs to read that leave me uplifted.
Last night, as Cru so perfectly slept in my arms - I found one of those blogs. The most recent post was a letter she wrote herself when her baby turned 9 months. However, the letter was what she would have written to herself if she could go back to just before her child was born.

I wanted to write one too...

Dear Me,

The last couple of weeks many have wished upon you that your baby would come early. You kindly responded that you want him to come when he is ready and fully developed. Your want of a perfect, healthy baby boy will be fulfilled. In fact, he will be late.

You will prove to yourself that you are braver and more capable than you have EVER given yourself credit for. All those many articles and books you have read on vaginal deliveries, hours of pushing, maybe a little tearing - even making the 'pushing' face in the mirror to see what you would like...are all pointless. Braveness will come as you so willingly lie on a table as some of the best, perform major surgery on you, so that your little one doesn't get sick. Your body will experiance pain and ecstast at the magnitute of which in currently unimaginable, a pain you have never felt.

It will instantly sink in the he really does belong to you. And, it is more amazing than you ever dreamed of it being. Things will come naturally. You will be overprotective. Family prayers will make you weep as you and Casey pray for help and guidance, for health and happiness for your most prized possession.

You think you love Casey now - but, you will be amazed at how much more you will love him. You thought you had the best husband, but you will soon find out that you found the most amazing man to father your children. He will give everything he has in caring for you and your baby.

Your thoughts on a million different topics will change drastically. What makes you happy. What constitutes as a successful day. What others think (you really wont care). How much sleep you need to function. What you believe to be your strengths and your weaknesses. What's important. What's not.

People tell you that you have no idea what love is until you hold your child in your arms. And right now, you nod your head and smile...but inside you believe you have a pretty good idea. Soon enough - there he will be - that faint little cry that brings a smile to your face - his brand new skin against yours - his smell that you can't get enough of - the first rise and falls of him breathing on your chest. And you will realize that they were all right. Absolutely right. You had no idea. Not a clue.

In a couple of weeks, routine will start to settle in and you will look in the mirror, the girl looking back will be the same. She'll have the same annoying habits, the same faults, will care much less about herself and well being - But, she'll learn something about herself that you don't know yet...despite your many flaws and shortcomings, you turn out to be a damn (a word you would never let cross your lips in the presence of your baby)...but you turn out to be a damn good mother. Know it, take pride in it. You'll still find yourself constantly praying for guidance, but have faith that on the journey you'll find your way.

The eventual you.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cru is 2 months

My little man is two months old today and is the sweetest thing ever.
His two months stats:
Weight - 11 pounds 12 ounces (60%ile)
Height - 24 inches (90%ile)
Head - 16 inches (75%ile)

Some of his very favorite things are:

1. Taking a bath - he totally fell alseep in the tub about 2 weeks ago, it was hilarious!
2. Getting his diaper changed - he will be all smiles and have a 'conversation' on the changing table for about 5 minutes each time I change him.

3. Singing the hokie pokie - he thinks its hilarious when I do it to his left foot.

4. Riding in the car.

5. Being outside when the wind is blowing.

6. His snuggie - I honestly think these really do increase a baby's sleep time.

Some of Cru's milestones this last month:

1. He started smiling at 5 weeks.
2. We are one week in of him sleeping through the night at 8 1/2 weeks.

3. This last week he has discovered his toes - he wont touch them, he will just sit there and stare at them.

Some of the things I have learned becoming a mom.

1. That if I could get down 5 pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant, I would honestly consider getting pregnant right now.

2. The love a mother has for her child is undescribable.

3. 3:00 am feedings, really aren't as bad as people make them out to be. In fact, I loved looking forward to seeing his smiling face when we were done as I laid him back in his crib. He got me a couple of times though, me feeling bad for leaving him so happy, all alone - so I rocked him to sleep instead.

4. A Breast Pump was seriously God's gift to me. I was so engorged after about 4 weeks of breastfeeding so I decided to breast feed than pump - I got 8 ounces after I had just fed my baby!!! Now, I have a freezer full of milk!

5. There is nothing sexier than watching my husband interact with our son. I honestly believe he is the best husband and father.

6. You can never have enough diapers. However, those huggies that have the 'wet line' are AMAZING! Why do they only put those on Newborn diapers?

7. 7 hours can pass and you can realize...I haven't even put my baby down!...or eaten, or gone to the bathroom.

8. C-Sections secretly aren't fun recovering from.

9. Asking anyone who wants to even touch my baby's hand to put sanitizer on, is totally worth it.

10. Being an anal and over-protective mom comes very natural to me.

11. Being peed on, isn't bad at all.

12. Loving on my hubby after the babe is alseep, is sexier than it ever has been - TMI? Probably, but I had to include it.

13. Stretch marks on my stomache, are worth the prized possesion that they came with - If he would have come on time, I wouldn't have any - but, he liked it in there.

14. Bottle warmers are a pumping moms best friend. Seriously!

15. My own mother has always been my best friend, but a new love and respect for her grew as soon as I held my own child.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free baby sling.

I just ordered myself a baby sling - I never really liked these things, but ever since my surgery I have been having some serious back issues and I thought one of these may be able to help me out a little bit. Anyway, here is the info if you want one... Shipping was $11 bucks, I have never seen one of these for less than $35, so I think its quite the steal.
enter promo code 'babies' in at checkout and you total will be $11.95 for any sling of your choice.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The end of 'Maternity Leave'

The day I have dreaded since I was 7 months preggo. It's here.
Dad was at school the before my return to work...So Cru and I did our nightly routine on our own. After I fed him, we said 'family prayer' and I couldnt help but start crying.
I didnt want to go back to work. Where did those 8 weeks go? - I want to be the first one my baby sees in the morning, I want to be the one that sees that days first smile. I want to change that poopie diaper and be the chest he nuzzles his face into as he approached the time for his first nap.
But, now...I have to share that joy with some of the people I love and trust. Will they enjoy those moments as much as I have?
I have to give away days that I will never get back with my baby.
Do you think he understands what is going on? Well, I think I am taking it a lot harder than he is.
However, I am bringing in a second income. An income that will allow Casey and I to help fulfill Cru's wildest dreams. The dreams of becoming a scientist, a professional soccer player or a rock star. Whatever dream he dreams - I will be able to help him discover it.
The greatest piece of advice anyone gave me during my pregnancy was, "Don't listen when people try and give advice about holding you baby for too long, or picking him up everytime he gets fussy, or letting him fall asleep in your arms. It goes by way too quickly, so enjoy it."
I took that advice and am SO glad that I did.
My baby, he slept through the night last night. And I know I should be grateful. Because I got 7 straight hours of sleep, but I missed him.
I would hold him ALL DAY if I could, in fact, I do hold EVERY second I am with am.
I will not let a moment pass that I will regret with my little man. I am his mom and he loves me in a way that I hope will last forever.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Waking Up

Its 7:30 in the morning...and this boy is just waking up...How can you resist this face?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Going Private

We are going private!!! I have had some weird comments lately and it wigged me out - so leave your email address if you want me to add you!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Introducing - Cru

Cru Thorne Van Wagoner
Cru joined our family on July 29th 2010 at exactly 10:00 am
He weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces
and is 21.5 inches long.
I think, he is a pretty good mix of both mom and dad - but I can tell that he is his fathers son FOR SURE. I know that he will change quite a bit, even within the next week - but as of now, he has my eyes and chin, a mix of Casey's and my nose...and everything else is pure daddy! I think he is absolutely beautiful!
Nana and Cru

Cru and mom


Coming home from the hospital!!!

Cru and dad

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Delivery Day

July 29th 2010
Casey and I went in for our 40.5 week Doctors appointment. To both of our surprise - I was still barely dilated to a "1" and 60% effaced. Not quite the news we thought we would get. However, my blood pressure was high and I was more swollen then normal, so Dr. Barton sent us down to labor Delivery to run some tests on both Cru and I.
Sweet little Cru was looking good - however, I was dumping protein in my urine and because of my high blood pressure, it started to effect one of my kidneys.
After 3 hours worth of tests, the nurse came in and asked "How do you feel about delivering your baby today?" I was little shocked. My response was, "That would be great, but I'm a little scared". She then went on to tell me that if we wait any longer, that I would get even sicker and as a result of that, our baby would get sick as well.
After talking it over with Casey we obviously decided it was smarter to get me started and deliver our baby sooner than later.
So off we went to our delivery room...Room #7 (my lucky number)
They started me on patocin at about 12:30 in the afternoon, every 30 minutes they would up my dose.
Once my dosage was up to 16 my doctor came down and checked me again. He said I was still a "1" and hadn't changed one bit. He then tried to break my water...that was not fun!!! HE TRIED to break it!!! Cru's head wasn't even in my pelvis yet so he couldn't reach it.
After being on Patocin for 12 hours at the highest dosage - I was checked again, still dilated to a 1. They put me on a different med that does the same thing as patocin, it just makes your contractions much greater. You are only allowed 3 dosages of it every 3 hours. So after 9 more hours I was checked one last time - and I was still at a "1" and 60% effaced. That's when my doctor informed me that we would be having a C-section.
I was scared to death. I didn't read up on cesareans so I wasn't prepared. 30 minutes later we were off to the Operating Room.

Casey looked hilarious in white body suit.
The anesthesiologist, was a nice guy. He walked me through what he was going to do to give me my epidural. I felt like it would be pretty easy. However, I totally started crying after because I was so scared. Casey was so sweet with me the whole time telling me how strong I was being and how amazing he thinks I am. He held my hand the entire time.
I could see the 'incision' in the big round lights shinning brightly down on my incision. After about 3 minutes of watching, I started wigging out a bit, so I had to stop. I think the worst part though, was feeling my body go numb. That was awful and disgusting.
Then after only about 10 minutes the anesthesiologist told Casey he could stand up and look over the blue sheet as they were about to pull our baby boy out. He looked at me and smiled, then stood up. His eyes welled up with tears and got all red like they do when he is about to cry - and then I heard the most beautiful sound, the sound of our baby crying. It was beautiful!

I have been in love with this little boy the minute I read "pregnant" on my 'pee stick'. I have loved this little boy's father ever since my sophomore year in high school. But I have NEVER loved either one of them more, then I did at this moment.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All the pregnant ladies

My sister-in-law showed me this YouTube video and I thought it was HILARIOUS! If you are wondering...yes, this lady is totally 38 weeks pregnant! Quite impressive - make sure you listen to the words and watch the people in the back ground, it is great!
***Make sure you mute my music at the bottom!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

His nursery & we are 40 weeks today!

Well, apparently our baby isn't quite ready to make his grand appearance. I am officially 40 weeks today. Going 8 months with the date of "July 24th" in your head - and then that day comes and you still don't have your baby, well...we think it is a little frustrating. But that's okay.
We went to the Doctor again on Thursday and I was dilated to a "1+" - whoa! HeHe.
However, we know that this little guy will be here by Friday per Doctors orders.
Even though we REALLY want this boy here, I feel extremely blessed that we have carried him as long as we have. We had a scare at 34 weeks because of my blood pressure, swelling and water retention - The doctor told me that we will probably have to deliver the baby Monday because of my blood pressure. Casey put me on strict couch rest and I didn't do a thing all weekend. It worked. So here we are.
The nursery has been done for quite some time and I cant believe how many things we already have for him. The brick wall isn't done yet - we are adding one thing to it (which I am not telling you what it is yet) but Casey painted the wall, and I am totally impressed. What do you think???

As for me - I absolutely LOVE being pregnant. I think it is the most AMAZING thing I have ever experienced. I actually think I will miss it. However, I have gained a whooping 59 pounds - so don't think I haven't had it that rough. My doc says he thinks a lot of it is water, which I am hoping he is right. But every pound, the restless nights, being uncomfortable and extremely hot all the time is totally worth it. And the payoff is coming soon.

I do have to throw in...that my husband is absolutely amazing. He rubs my feet every night and has cooked almost every meal the last 2 weeks and hasn't even complained. I love him!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

How delightful...

Monday night, Casey made me dinner. Then we headed out to the park where I read a book and he ‘practiced’ soccer with his 3 vs 3 soccer team (which takes place this weekend). Then we headed to Lindon for an 11:25 PM indoor soccer game of his. I actually did really well, I was sick of sitting when the game ended and ready to crawl into bed when we pulled up to our house at 12:45 AM!

I opened the car door and our fire alarms were blasting off. Casey and I gave the “what the heck?” look and went inside. This wasn’t the first time those suckers had gone off, and they sure are loud!!! Casey had to get the ladder and one of the alarms were at the top of our vaulted ceilings. He tried to reset them as we clearly found that our home was not on fire, but they kept going off…I started reading the back of one and it said something along the lines that ‘if this thing is beeping 4 times it is the CO2’ – sure enough, they were beeping 4 times.

After about 10 minutes in the house and discovering why the alarms were going off (one of the burners to the stove was ‘off’ but not all the way off, so it was letting out all the gases) I went outside with the laptop – I was getting worried about the toxins and the babe! Casey opened all the windows and doors, brought us some otter pops to enjoy on the front porch as our house vented out and made a phone call to the local Fire Department.

The Firemen came, the Paramedics came and they didn’t want to turn off their ‘lights’ or engines upon arriving at our house. There were a couple of them that were bright eyed and chipper – just a couple, the other literally looked like they had just been hit by a bus. They were SO happy to be at our house at 1 in the morning (-:

The Paramedic tested Casey and I for Co2 – we both had some in our system, in fact .4% less than what would have made us have to go to the hospital. The Firemen went into the house. They came back to report that they were getting reading for the Co2 at “ZERO” in the living room and kitchen. Then another Fireman came out and reported HIGH volumes of Co2 in the “baby’s room and the basement” – what the???? How scary is that? Sure, we had the windows and the doors open in EVERY room for about 15 minutes before they arrived, but it was the worst in my baby’s room??? SCARY!!!

Needless to say, they stuck around till all the rooms came back at a ‘zero’ and told us we would be okay there if we wanted to stay. Casey and I slept with ALL the windows and a door open, just in case. I always thought those Co2 alarms were over priced and not nearly as important as a fire alarm – but I stand corrected, and I AM SO GRATEFUL for ours!!! We had only been in the house for 10 minutes and our Co2 count was already that high, imagine if we would have stayed an extra 5 minutes!?!?!?!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

100 things about me.

More for me than anything... But someone suggested that I make a list of things just about me before our baby comes...we are 4 weeks out, so I decided now was a good time to complete it!
100 things about me.

1. Me least favorite day of the year is Day light savings in the spring…there is nothing worse than losing a hour of sleep and than waking up when it is still dark outside.
2. I am completely obsessed with MEK jeans.
3. If someone is wearing a pair of name brand shoes – like, Jessica Simpsons, BCBG, Steve Maddens, Guess, Chinese Laundry, Anne Klein ect…I can tell you what brand they are just by looking at them.
4. I will not eat at a place that I come out smelling like it.
5. I have known my husband since I was 9.
6. My first real kiss was in the back of my bishops van at a ward campout.
7. I never ‘snuck’ out of the house without asking permission from my mom.
8. Once a month I get a pedicure – I love the look and feel of freshly painted nails.
9. If I had an extra $40 a week to spend on myself, I would spend it getting pampered.
10. I LOVE plain cheerios that I can douse in Sugar!
11. I get a thrill from cleaning and organizing.
12. I love photography and capturing sweet intimate moments between family members.
13. My favorite snack is Edamames and I eat them everyday at work.
14. Casey purposed at our favorite “get away spot” and the place we use to go to “make out” at in High School – The Draper Rodeo Grounds.
15. My favorite day of the week is Saturday mornings, Casey makes me breakfast in bed and then we snuggle up and watch a movie.
16. I graduated with a degree in Behavioral Science.
17. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.
18. I look forward to the joys, blessings and trials of motherhood
19. I dream of the day where I get to stay home with my kids, be the room mother and actually enjoy the time I cook.
20. I would rather pay a hefty price for a shirt I love, that I know will last, than get 3 cheaply made ones for the price I paid for that 1.
21. I dream of capturing beautiful pictures of my little ones.
22. I love the look on my honey’s face when we see each other after a long day apart.
23. I love that I can ask my dad ANYTHING and he always knows the answer!
24. I played soccer at Southern Utah University.
25. I’m never “on time” – I’m either extremely early or late.
26. I really enjoy ‘entertaining’ our family and friends at our home.
27. I get sick to my stomach thinking about being away from my husband for more than a day.
28. My mother is truly my best friend.
29. I love to decorate.
30. I love shopping for little kid shoes (My soon to be son, always has 12 pairs)
31. If you had to buy me a present and didn’t know what to get me – I would tell you a gift card to Buckle.
32. I can multi-task like nobody’s business!
33. I absolutely LOVE to learn new things. And cant wait to learn how to quilt as good as my mom.
34. I enjoy making and dropping off “desserts of the month” to my neighbors to let them know someone was thinking of them. Especially those we meet for the first time doing so.
35. Of our tour of Europe starting in Rome, ending in London and visiting every country in between, Switzerland would be my choice of home.
36. I could eat a banana, peanut butter protein shake for breakfast everyday and not get sick of it.
37. I love laying on the floor with a blanket atop of me over the heater.
38. My favorite candy is pop-rocks.
39. I seriously have the littlest bladder and I wake up 3 times a night to go to the bathroom after not drinking anything past 8 o’clock. Its quite annoying. (even when I am not pregnant)
40. My best time at Computer Solitaire is 42 seconds – my dad and I have competitions, his best time is 62 seconds.
41. I take pride in beating my Aunt Renee in any game known to man…and if I’m not around, then shell win. Sorry Auntie Nae, you know its true!
42. I had never had stitches until I was 19 when I had to have my appendix removed.
43. Some of my dream jobs include: a criminal profiler, a lawyer or a Medical Examiner
44. If money allowed, I would go to school the rest of my life.
45. I had a goat named Lewis.
46. My choice of beverage is a Dr. Pepper with a lime.
47. I have never drank alcohol or smoked a cigarette.
48. I served a LDS mission in Lubbock Texas and truly found out who I was and wanted to become.
49. I knew I was going to marry Casey since my Junior year in high school.
50. I would rather hang out with my husband than go out with anyone else.
51. I have ‘swam’ with a shark.
52. I could sleep 12 hours a night if time allowed.
53. I love making desserts.
54. Family road trips are one of my best memories growing up.
55. I absolutely hate using public restrooms.
56. I know what my husband is thinking by his ‘eye’ expressions.
57. I believe a true a friend is one that doesn’t judge you and one that you could honestly share your darkest secret with and it would never leave their lips.
58. I was born three weeks late and had the brightest red hair.
59. I honestly think that my husband has the BEST butt ever!!!
60. Ever seem Tombstone? My dream would be to live on room service.
61. I bite my nails.
62. I hate brushing my teeth at night.
63. I am completely spoiled rotten by my husband.
64. I believe that my mother has done every aspect of parenting absolutely perfect.
65. I think woman who have confidence are the most beautiful.
66. I can remember how I thought and viewed the world when I was a child.
67. I was born in Irving, Texas and moved to Utah when I was 9.
68. I married my soul mate.
69. I truly believe that if something is meant to be, it will happen.
70. I am an awful speller.
71. I go by my middle name.
72. I currently have 49 pairs of shoes in my closet.
73. My first ‘boyfriend’ was Efrian. He kissed me behind a wall in our Shady Hollow neighborhood when we were 7. And I still remember to this day my Aunt Patti making fun of us and me running to my bunk crying because I was so embarrassed.
74. The old man across the way growing up, called me Strawberry Shortcake.
75. I believe in life after death.
76. I am amazingly good at Sudoku puzzles.
77. In high school I got my belly pierced at some nasty place in Vegas over Spring Break. Each of my girl friends pierced something different.
78. Casey and I have been to Cancun 3 times and seriously know the best places to go.
79. I love slow dancing. I think it is romantic. – In high school, Casey took me to a park and we blasted our favorite song from the car while slow dancing under the stars next to the swing set.
80. I believe a person’s spirituality is a private thing and just because they believe something different, doesn’t make them any different.
81. I was a seriously a BOY Scout. My mom was in charge of all that growing up, so I took an active part.
82. My parents thought I FOR SURE was a boy before my arrival. My crib even said “Matthew” on its end. My name would have been “Matthew Ryan Mayo”.
83. I honestly think that anything bad that could happen to anyone, that my mother has been through it.
84. I have never had the chicken pox.
85. I think going to a baseball game is relaxing.
86. I have been punched in the face by girl.
87. I honestly think, that the most amazing person I have met…is my little sister.
88. I am my mother’s favorite child.
89. I can do multiple back flips in a row on the trampoline.
90. I worked as a pizza delivery driver for 2 weeks at college and made enough just from tips to pay for my books and housing for the next semester so I quit.
91. I danced with Steve Young when I was like 14 at his pre wedding party for maybe 45 seconds (my mom worked with his fianc├ęs father…they never did get married).
92. I think plain milk is disgusting.
93. I cannot take a shower that is less than 15 minutes.
94. I currently have over $300 dollars worth of gift cards in my wallet.
95. I would rather read than watch TV.
96. I have kept a book of baby names I like since 9th grade.
97. My idea of the perfect vacation involves a beach and some serious roller-coasters.
98. My first car was a 1977 Mercury Cougar – it was hideous…but I was the first to drive between all my friends, so we had fun.
99. I believe that goal setting is essential to becoming who you want to be and to accomplish even the little things in life.
100. When my husband grabs my hand to hold it, I still feel as giddy as I did the first time he did it in 10th grade.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Look Pregnant!!!"

I will be the first to admit…I’m spoiled. I am spoiled now, and I always have been! Our baby, he is spoiled too! His sweet Nana (my mom) loves buying him things just as much as she loves buying me things, and she loves planning out daily activities that we will get to one day enjoy with him.
Today for lunch, she took me to Babies R Us to buy me a ‘big’ gift! She has already bought us PLENTY! But she insisted…So off we went to Babies R Us. I have that entire store memorized, I can tell you where everything is, I think it is a little too early for me to know these things, but hey…it happens.
Anyway, we pulled up and I had a ‘flashback’ to the first time my mom, little sister Alyssa and I came to Babies R Us….So I have to write down what she said, just because I think it is funny…
I was 5 months pregnant, with a baby bump and 18 pounds to show for it…You know those reserved ‘Expecting Mothers’ spots that are in front of the mall and of course, in front of Babies R Us? Well, the 3 of us pull up in front of Babies R Us and are looking for a spot, low and behold, one of the ‘Expecting Mothers’ spots was open! Sweet! I navigated my mother to that spot and proudly proclaimed that “this is the first time I have got to park in an ‘Expecting Mothers’ spot”, my mom kind of bit her lip, looked around and after a little hesitation finally pulled in to the spot. She asked “Are you sure we can park here?” She was kidding but I could tell there was some seriousness in her voice. As we are getting out of the car, she turns around and boldly says to me “LOOK PREGNANT!!!”. What? All I said was…I am pregnant!!! My little sister and I thought it was hilarious! You probably don’t think it is as funny as I think it is – but it was funny!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little baby update.

Every time I see my dad he asks me how many days we have left. I never know. I know the weeks, not the days. Today he told me – we have 74 days left.
Within the past week, about 9 people have said “hopefully he comes early!” It makes me want to put my hands on my belly where I think his tiny ears are at and cover them up so he doesn’t get any ideas! I don’t want him to come early, I want him to come when he is ready! I don’t want his eyes, or lungs or brain to be under developed. I want him healthy!!! I know many of you moms are saying to yourself ‘oh, in a couple of weeks you’ll want him early!’ – but I don’t! We tried for too long to get this little man here and I want him to take his time!
I may be delivering quite the large baby. I was 9.8 pounds and Casey was 8.4. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the size he will be but at our last appointment last week he was measuring 1.4cm bigger than the ‘average’. I really think he doesn’t have any more room to grow – I can see his little appendages run across my tummy every time he moves. And, he is turning like crazy – I wish I could say he is going to be quite the soccer player, just because that is what Casey and I love so much…but recently, it’s more like he is a swimmer. I can’t wait to see what his ‘loves’ in life are.
Maybe pictures of the nursery will come shortly…I couldn’t find fabric I liked for the LONGEST time. I finally found a crib skirt I liked, so I bought it! It should be here tomorrow!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Belly Bliss - my first Mother's Day gift

Casey surprised me with my first Mother's Day gift! I didn't expect one, not this year - even though I am 29 weeks pregnant and my boobs are doing more damage to my back than my sweet baby boy is - I still didn’t expect anything.
Last night however, Casey drove me to 2100 South and surprised me with a Belly Bliss 60 minute pre-natal massage. It was heavenly!
She ONLY does pre-natal massages and has these AMAZING orthopedic pillow/cushion things that actually let you lay on your tummy (the cushions have an opening where you slip your belly and boobs into...and waaaalaaa...no pressure! I would have been content just lying there without a massage!
She focused on my back, hips and neck with a little legs, arms and feet at the end. When I got up – I didn’t even feel pressure ANYWHERE on my body anymore. Seriously, divine!
Thank you honey for my gift!!! You are the BEST!!!

PS – I know LOTS of you a pregnant, so look her up if you are interested! She is absolutely darling and her website is http://bellyblissmassage.com/default.aspx

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My husband

I wish I had an updated picture of him (my hubby) cause I am completely obsessed with him. He is currently in the middle of fixing his car, so we only have one drivable car - yesterday I was a hour late picking him up from work and I found him juggling a soccer ball in front of his building. I sat there and started counting each juggle. Every once in a while he would get this huge smile on his face and let out a little laugh as he kept going. I counted 97 consecutive juggles and I didn’t even start counting right when I pulled up. After about 6 minutes of watching him he just grabbed the ball and ran to the car – he got in, and I was a little upset. I asked him why he stopped and he said “I didn’t want to make you wait any longer!” HELLO!!! I wanted him to keep going to see how many he could get! I asked him what he was up to and he said 300!!!! Yes that’s right! My husband totally juggled a ball 300 times in a row with his feet! Freaking amazing!
And then we went home – he worked out, I made dinner and then we went for a walk.
We got home and I took my shoes off and stated “I hate when my toes aren’t painted, they look like man feet, gross!”
I’m at that point that it is uncomfortable for me to bend over for long periods of time, so painting my toes doesn’t even appeal to me.
I washed my face and jumped into bed.
Casey came in with some fingernail polish and said “I’ll paint your toes for you!”.
He picked out the color and everything! I seriously, have the BEST HUBBY!
He did a really good job, I was impressed – and I got to wear sandals today!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Okay Okay

So I did a little research...I had to vent okay? I really do think it was those dang deer! Remember my post last year about how much I LOVE deer? Both homes that Casey and I have lived in are surronded by deer and I LOVE seeing them everynight as I drive home. So, I guess I can forgive them this one time...I didnt understand why my Hyacinths and Daffodils werent eaten, but it is because deer do not like them. So, atleast they saved those for my enjoyment!
I found an article about what plants/flowers deer like. It said to "keep them away by hanging bars or soap or bags of hair around your yard" - okay white trash! No thanks!
So, my friends, if you live near me - do you mind planting some Tulips in your yard so the deer will come eat yours instead of mine? They are one of their favorite treats!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Seriously? Casey and I had a WONDERFUL weekend! We didnt get one minute to get anything done that we needed to - but it was filled with family and friends and included some of our friends getting sealed in the Temple. It was perfect!
Until last night...I have been anxiously awaiting my tulips to open. They have been a little confused as to when they should actually open, but they had about an inch more to grow and their bulbs were just about ripe! I knew it would be sometime this past weekend...Then, on the way home from my parents house for dinner...Casey asked "did you cut the tulips or something?" I thought he was kidding, he knows that I LOVE my tulips - they really are beautiful, year after year and grow HUGEand they always recieve compliments!!! He wasnt kidding! We pulled into the garage, I jumped out and went to the front of the house...and sure enough - SOMEONE CUT THE TOPS OFF ALL OF MY TULIPS!!! SERIOUSLY???? WHAT THE HELL??? Excuse my vulgarity, but seriously?
Not were just the tops cut, but many were cut all the way down so that only about 2 - 3 inches of the greens were showing. Who the freak just goes into someones yard and cuts their tulips off? After I examined each area where my spring best friends should have been shinning, I noticed that on top of our rock wall that leads up to our house, that ALL of my beloved purple flowers have been cut OR PULLED (ROOT AND BULB) OUT!!! I am seriusly in shock - I have no idea who would do this - and they have left me seriously saddened. Im not kidding when I say that one of my favorite things about coming home from work in the Spring, is seeing my Tulips! They stand taller than a foot or two high and are so vibrant in color, they just make me smile! I wont get that this year. Now I have empty patches of perrinals where no flower will grow, My Hyacinth (which only bloom for about 3 weeks) and my Daffodils are all I will get to see.
So dear tulip and my purple flower that I cant remember the name of snipper - you ruined my day!
And if you thought you were trying to help thinking that 'maybe they have already bloomed and need to be snipped back' - you were wrong...why? well, 1. Because they have not bloomed yet and 2. Keeping the greens well into summer letting them soak up the suns rays helps them grow better the following year. So you didnt help...AND, STAY OUT OF MY YARD!!!
PS - At first, we thought maybe the dear or an animal has been enjoying our flower garden, but upon examination, they were indeed clipped, by scissors!

Monday, March 15, 2010

8 pairs and counting. HAHA

Yesterday, I cleaned out our baby's closet. It was packed full of ski and soccer stuff and years of collecting baby things/clothes. Casey and I finally decided on what colors the nursery will be, so he sat in the room with me and designed the main wall of the room on Photoshop. I cant wait to actually get the walls done!
I grabbed a box from the basement and piled in ALL the girl things I had.
I have a confession, until I found out we were having a boy, both my mother and I have been buying girl outfits FOREVER.
As it all started piling up, and the closet became less and less NOT PACKED I realized how incredibly grateful I am, that I am NOT having a girl!
And then, I found a box. FULL of BOY things, including, 6 pair of shoes for him! They all start at size 4, but I now remember where they came from and the killer deal I got on them! I am SO glad that I didn't resist! I must add, he already has 8 pairs of shoes.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Red & White lights

For those that know me, I am NOT a procrastinator. In fact, it drives me CRAZY when others are. I am a detailed person and like things how I like them. Nor, do I like my own things out of order. That is why I am surprised that I still carry my license around that expired last July (yes, my license expired 8 months ago!!!) Casey and I have gone to get it renewed. By the time we get there after work, it is already 5. We wait for a hour and then we are told to come back tomorrow. It is very discouraging, but doesn’t matter cause my license is STILL expired.
So, Casey had a soccer game last night at 9:55. We walked into the garage and I told Casey that I would drive so he could get his gear on (thinking in my head, “I should grab my purse” – I didn’t. We went and picked up Dan and took the back roads to the Timpanogos Indoor Soccer arena. The frontage road to this place, is the same frontage road you take to the dump by Utah Lake. It’s pretty desolate, and you hardly EVER see a 2nd car – last night we did. The road has pot holes all over it, I swerved back in forth dodging them and saw the car behind me doing the same. I was proud of myself, I didn’t hit one!
I made a slight right turn and immediately, red and white lights starting flashing in my rear view mirror.
I looked at Casey and said “Was I speeding?”
He responded “No, but you just ran that stop sign.” With a grin on his face. – I love that he cant get mad at me.
I horrifically looked at him and said “I don’t have my license!”
So, Casey got the registration out of the dash and the officer approached the car.
I rolled down my window and he asked for my license and registration.
I bit my lip, handed him my registration and embarrassed, stated “Unfortunately, I don’t have my purse. Do you want my husband’s?”
He looked at me like I was an idiot.
I deserved that look. I was the driver. Not Casey.
He then reminded me of that – whatever.
Then the Officer kindly informed me that I was pulled over for running the stop sign.
Off he went.
Dan, in the back seat started saying how easy it would be to NOT have to pay for the no license ticket, that I just needed to prove that I had one. That’s when I informed him, that my license expired 8 months ago!
Then I called the officer a D-bag – I know attractive right? Then, I said the “S” word cause I KNEW that my not 1 ticket, but the 2 tickets I was about it get was probably going to take at least half of the bonus I just got at work. But seriously, he followed me for more than 4 miles and 15 yards before the arena I make one little mistake , that I didn’t know I made and I’m busted – it was rude.
I am surprised I didn’t start crying – the whole hormones being out of whack when you are preggo, totally doesn’t apply to me. And how grateful I am for that.
The officer came back, he asked if I have a license in a different state. I reassured him that I do not. And that’s when he thought he was informing me for the first time that my license has been expired since July.
I went along with it, and the only thing I could get out was “OH!”
Then he told me how much my tickets were going to cost me, and when he saw the saddened look sweep across my face he added, “If I felt so inclined to give you those tickets!”
I told him that “I hope you don’t feel inclined!”
Then, he said “Promise me, you will go get your license renewed tomorrow, and next time – stop at that stop sign.”
I promised, and he walked away.

Dear Mr. Police Officer, I would have got out of the car and gave you a HUGE hug if you would have let me. I wish I could have seen your face instead of the horrific bright light from your flashlight beaming in my eyes so that I could recognize your face the next time I saw you. I wish you knew that I was pregnant and was hoping to take my lover on a romantic getaway with my bonus I just got and that if you would have given me those tickets, it would have put a damper on our plans. Thank you for being kind, and giving me a warning!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Any Ideas?

Casey and I want to go on a MINI vacation…somewhere not too far away, somewhere completely relaxing and romantic. I fear we may end up in St. George or Vegas…which is fine – but I am ready to explore my other options. Any ideas?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is it true? Please excuse my forwardness!

***Clarification: None of the below statements are concerns of my own, they have come from blogs that I have read and find it entertaining...so, I don't really need them answered, I was just curious if you had anything you worried or thought about before your babe came.

Is it true that you really forget who you really are once you have kids? Do you really forget what you and your lover did BEFORE that most amazing gift was given to you? Are you really too tired to make love? Do you really need short hair? Do your boobs really get stretch marks and become saggy? Is it really too hard to walk in my darling stilettos at 30+ weeks, or is it more hard or impossible while carrying your child? Is it true that it is hard to travel or just get out of the house? Will my boobs really mean something totally different to my love once I start breastfeeding?
I dont know? Some I dont care much about, others I pray would never happen, and the rest - I am DETERMINED that it WILL NOT happen.
However, I am aware that things are going to dramatically change in what Casey and I think is our PERFECT world. But we are so ready! We are so ready for our son to come into this world, to teach him things, to watch him discover and learn new things. To introduce him to different foods and different point of views and we cant wait to see what extracurricular activites he will choose to do. Will it be soccer, debate, football, cheer???, who knows...but there is a world of possibilities awaiting him and I can't wait to meet him.
So, as I have read the above questions; some on blogs, some shared by family and friends, honestly, the list could go on. I find it entertaining. What were some of your fears/concerns?

Friday, February 26, 2010

It went good, and last night...

Seriously, I have some of the sweetest friends! Thanks everyone who called me yesterday to see how the 'big' photography day went. It went really well, and the pictures have already been chosen for the magazine! However, I did have a camera malfunction and all of a sudden my camera decided that it didnt want to work - so I had to use the company one, good thing I brought it along and good thing it held the same battery as my camera cause it was dead! HAHA - But, it was all worth it...and I even found a pair or cute slacks to wear...SUCCESS!
However, last night was even better.
Casey and I went to the Temple with my parents, we hadnt done an actual endowment session in about 5 months. I love getting dressed in white, even though I had to rent a parachute dress cause mine currently doesnt fit, I still felt beautiful. Honestly, I dont think there is anything in the world that makes me feel as wonderful as the Celestial Room does standing there in white with my eternal companion. I love him so!
When we got home, I had a REAL letter in the mailbox, ya know - it wasnt a bill, a magazine or a postcard. A hand written letter.
It was from a missionary. I haven't got a letter from a missionary in a little over 3 1/2 years now. In fact, this month marks the 4th year Ive been home from my own mission.
A letter from a missionary is unmistakable. The 4 lines in the left hand corner with your name written oh so perfectly. It was from a sister missionary. A sister I tought on my own mission. She is now teaching the same message that changed her life 5 years ago. It was 3 pages long and I cried as I read it - she reminded me of the times we took her along to 'help' us teach that sacred message. TMI - I read it in the bathroom and the spirit couldnt have been stronger. I am so happy for her. Sometimes, I really miss being a missionary. I cant wait to be one again some day, and have the same companion for the entire time.
Then, I harldy get on facebook. But I did. I had a message...just from me. It was from Sister Chris informing me that she needed my phone number - because her sweet husband, was finally getting baptized. I served in Lubbock Texas. My mission covered all of west Texas from the border of Mexico, to the top of the pan-handle and then all of east New Mexico. We had TONS of areas...and three times I ended up in the city of Lubbock. I know why. And one of the reasones was for this family. A married mother of 3 and she was the only member in her family. They reminded me of my own little family. He wasnt ready when I was there. But we connected in a way that I cant describe. Here it is 4 years later - and he is getting baptized. I couldnt be more excited for his family.
So cheers to yesterday! For lifting my spirits, for filling my cup, for having my honey and my little 'fluttery' baby and two of the other most important people in my life in the celestial room with me. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guess where I will be tomorrow morning?

I love taking pictures. I love watching families together and I dream of our little baby and capturing the special moments in his life...However, I do it just for fun and to make a couple extra bucks here in there.
But, I was invited to have lunch with the executives of our company and Governor Levitt tomorrow. I have been asked to take pictures that will be published in Profiler magazine. I'm pretty excited about it. So please wish me luck.
I have not bought a new thing to wear in the past 5 months. I tried on a pair of my slacks last week. They were a little TOO tight on my bum for a professional appearance...I need to go shoppping TODAY!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Last week?

Last week? Well, the most exciting thing is that I can actually feel the little butterfly movements of our baby in my tummy…they are SO comforting! They help me realize that 1 – My baby is still doing good and 2 – That those feelings are actually our baby moving and not gas bubbles (I’ve been mistaking them for those for 2 weeks now!)
I mostly feel them sitting at my desk at work or late at night laying in bed with Casey watching a movie. I grab Casey’s hand and put it where he is moving, but he still can’t feel them…I can’t wait till he can and he can’t either.
My mom got us our crib and changing table…I am so excited.

My sister-n-law Stacy gave us her Pottery Barn rocking chair… I am so excited.
I just need to get it recovered or a new slip cover – anyone know someone who knows how to do this for a reasonable price? I would love their number!

On a downer note, finding cute boy bedding, is not an easy task. They all have fire trucks or animals or something ‘gay’ on them…my husband is a very manly man and anything somewhat fruity will not be allowed. I decided that I was going to make my own crib skirt and bumper…I’ve already been to all of the shops around town with no success in fabric choices, Ill find 1 fabric I like and the rest of the line is SUPER feminine…nice. Ill keep looking. But seriously, I think I need to be hired to design cute boy stuff!