" I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that LOVING is the best calorie burner. I believe kissing. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." ~Audrey Hepburn

Friday, February 26, 2010

It went good, and last night...

Seriously, I have some of the sweetest friends! Thanks everyone who called me yesterday to see how the 'big' photography day went. It went really well, and the pictures have already been chosen for the magazine! However, I did have a camera malfunction and all of a sudden my camera decided that it didnt want to work - so I had to use the company one, good thing I brought it along and good thing it held the same battery as my camera cause it was dead! HAHA - But, it was all worth it...and I even found a pair or cute slacks to wear...SUCCESS!
However, last night was even better.
Casey and I went to the Temple with my parents, we hadnt done an actual endowment session in about 5 months. I love getting dressed in white, even though I had to rent a parachute dress cause mine currently doesnt fit, I still felt beautiful. Honestly, I dont think there is anything in the world that makes me feel as wonderful as the Celestial Room does standing there in white with my eternal companion. I love him so!
When we got home, I had a REAL letter in the mailbox, ya know - it wasnt a bill, a magazine or a postcard. A hand written letter.
It was from a missionary. I haven't got a letter from a missionary in a little over 3 1/2 years now. In fact, this month marks the 4th year Ive been home from my own mission.
A letter from a missionary is unmistakable. The 4 lines in the left hand corner with your name written oh so perfectly. It was from a sister missionary. A sister I tought on my own mission. She is now teaching the same message that changed her life 5 years ago. It was 3 pages long and I cried as I read it - she reminded me of the times we took her along to 'help' us teach that sacred message. TMI - I read it in the bathroom and the spirit couldnt have been stronger. I am so happy for her. Sometimes, I really miss being a missionary. I cant wait to be one again some day, and have the same companion for the entire time.
Then, I harldy get on facebook. But I did. I had a message...just from me. It was from Sister Chris informing me that she needed my phone number - because her sweet husband, was finally getting baptized. I served in Lubbock Texas. My mission covered all of west Texas from the border of Mexico, to the top of the pan-handle and then all of east New Mexico. We had TONS of areas...and three times I ended up in the city of Lubbock. I know why. And one of the reasones was for this family. A married mother of 3 and she was the only member in her family. They reminded me of my own little family. He wasnt ready when I was there. But we connected in a way that I cant describe. Here it is 4 years later - and he is getting baptized. I couldnt be more excited for his family.
So cheers to yesterday! For lifting my spirits, for filling my cup, for having my honey and my little 'fluttery' baby and two of the other most important people in my life in the celestial room with me. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guess where I will be tomorrow morning?

I love taking pictures. I love watching families together and I dream of our little baby and capturing the special moments in his life...However, I do it just for fun and to make a couple extra bucks here in there.
But, I was invited to have lunch with the executives of our company and Governor Levitt tomorrow. I have been asked to take pictures that will be published in Profiler magazine. I'm pretty excited about it. So please wish me luck.
I have not bought a new thing to wear in the past 5 months. I tried on a pair of my slacks last week. They were a little TOO tight on my bum for a professional appearance...I need to go shoppping TODAY!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Last week?

Last week? Well, the most exciting thing is that I can actually feel the little butterfly movements of our baby in my tummy…they are SO comforting! They help me realize that 1 – My baby is still doing good and 2 – That those feelings are actually our baby moving and not gas bubbles (I’ve been mistaking them for those for 2 weeks now!)
I mostly feel them sitting at my desk at work or late at night laying in bed with Casey watching a movie. I grab Casey’s hand and put it where he is moving, but he still can’t feel them…I can’t wait till he can and he can’t either.
My mom got us our crib and changing table…I am so excited.

My sister-n-law Stacy gave us her Pottery Barn rocking chair… I am so excited.
I just need to get it recovered or a new slip cover – anyone know someone who knows how to do this for a reasonable price? I would love their number!

On a downer note, finding cute boy bedding, is not an easy task. They all have fire trucks or animals or something ‘gay’ on them…my husband is a very manly man and anything somewhat fruity will not be allowed. I decided that I was going to make my own crib skirt and bumper…I’ve already been to all of the shops around town with no success in fabric choices, Ill find 1 fabric I like and the rest of the line is SUPER feminine…nice. Ill keep looking. But seriously, I think I need to be hired to design cute boy stuff!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine surpise #1 - Boy or Girl?

Casey was positive the baby was a boy, I was pretty certain it was a girl, but kept going back and forth. How fun it would be to buy big bows and boots and leggings. But deep down inside after all the cutesiness pushed aside I thought it was boy.
However, at my 12 week appt, Baby V only had 8 fingers and little stub legs, so I really didn’t care if Baby V decided on being a boy or a girl, I was the typical mother-to-be and wanted to make sure the baby had the rest of her/his fingers and that the little stub legs stuck out a little more than last time.
Casey and I anxiously sat in the room waiting for the Dr to come in…he walked in with the ‘Doppler’ and asked, “Did you just want to hear the heartbeat or did you want to do an ultrasound?” shocked, I answered “I am hoping you can tell me the sex of our baby today” – he started laughing and said “I knew that’s what you’d say!”
We went to the ‘high tech’ machine and it was fascinating. Baby V was asleep with her/his hands stretched up above his head, SO CUTE! There they were, 10 little fingers! I must mention that Baby V was also being very shy…legs crossed and then tucked under and wouldn’t wake up. Dr. Barton thought he saw a quick peek of an ‘extra part’ and then quickly said, “however, that may have been the umbilical cord” – That didn’t do us any good! After about 15 minutes of nudging Baby V around we checked the heartbeat and called it good. We knew we had a healthy baby growing rapidly and that’s all that mattered. Until…we got in the car….
We talked about it for a minute and then decided that there was NO WAY that we were going to wait another 4 weeks to know if Baby V was a boy or girl – so we took a pit stop at Fetal Fotos…they were booked, except for RIGHT THEN, so we didn’t have time to call family to come join us or anything. I am pretty sad about that – I would have loved for my mom to be there with me. Anyway, in we went.
Baby V was still sleeping but this “OBGYN from Europe” promised me that I would walk out knowing what the sex was. He wanted to tell us first thing, but he was having trouble waking the baby up so he did some measuring first…but Ill come back to that.
The ‘Dr.’ started pushing the little ultrasound thingy up and down on my tummy, it made the baby look like she/he was on a raft in the ocean, still no budge. Then he took his finger and very aggressively started pushing up and down on my tummy, it kind of took me by surprise….but the funniest thing happened – Baby V pulled all her/his arms and legs really tightly in and leaned back like he was on a lounger, then with all the might baby had, started kicking both legs against where the tech was poking him…it was hilarious! I laugh every time I think about it.
And then there it was…

The tech didnt even have to say it out loud, both Casey and I knew EXACTLY what that was! Casey right then said "That's my boy!!!" He is very proud.
I love this picture because it is the EXACT same position he was in with my 12 week ultrasound with his hands up on his face.

Can you see his cute little foot?

Here we are measuring the baby. A 'typical' 16 week old baby measure between 4.5 and 5 inches...Baby V...was measuring 7 inches! And, I know I dont change my due date based solely alone on what ‘Fetal Fotos’ says – but this guy told us he is measuring at least a week bigger and put the estimated delivery date to July 17th – my birthday.

I love this one! -

So there you have it...we are having a little boy!!! I was a little shocked at first, even expecting a little boy. But once I was actually told thats what he was, I got a little scared. But after we got home and I started daydreaming about this little one - The excitment settled in and I am so excited to bring him home with us!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Week of Valentine Love...

A lot of people think that Valentines Day is 'SOOOO OVERRATED'. I, on the other hand, love it! So...In honor of this beloved holiday - I plan on doing something wonderful for the love of my life EVERYDAY this week (it's a surprise) and I know he'll love it. So stay tuned for our Valentine week love story (minus the 'pleasant' details for you sensitive readers).
TMI - This week is SUPER special for my sweet Casey, my mom and my mother-n-law for it is the week their parents were 'celebrating' and making some of the very most treasured people in my life!
- Today's surprise, is not a surprise for just him but for the both of us! So, if you havent voted on if you think Baby V is a boy or girl...put your vote in!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TMI? You betch-ya. A girls only post (-:

My very best friend growing up (no, I am not referring to Casey thank you) and I have been spending a lot more time lately than we have in quite a while. Its nice to get ‘reacquainted’ and hear stories that the two of us may have missed out on in each other’s lives the past few years and even reminiscing things we did together…Her name? Well, for now it is going to remain disclosed until I seek her approval.

Last night, we went to Chipotle for dinner. We told the hubbies that we were going out to do a little Valentine’s Day shopping…Well at least that is what I told Casey. He knew exactly what that meant – VICTORIAS SECRET – as soon as I told him he said, “You better come back with something!!!”. My friend, told her husband that we were going “V-Day shopping” his first response was, “What is that? Like Vagina shopping?” --- FREAKING hilarious!!! I giggle every time I replay that conversation in my head.

Now girls, I must tell you – that if you are planning on surprising your husbands with a little somethin somethin, you better go shopping now, things are starting to get picked over. Just a little FYI. You are welcome.

Anyway, we first hit up Dillards. She bought some cute new shoes to go with a new darling dress she received for her birthday, I was jealous. Everyone keeps telling me, that my feet are going to grow. So I am trying to resist.

Then we were off, you know – to that place that is SOOOO dang good at making anyone feel better about their bodies. Well at least I think so and no, I wasn’t exaggerating. Minus the jumbo size half naked gorgeous models all over the walls that make you think – what if my legs looked like that? Oh wait, they’re all air-brushed anyway, so I don’t mind at all.

We picked out a few ‘sexies’ if you will – we couldn’t help but laugh at a few of the panites that matched. I found this DARLING hot pink one off set with this orangey-pink color. It was different and I loved it. I tired that one on last. Now don’t think I am a freak…I actually have a ‘wish-list’ to the beloved “VS” store, when I found one that was on that beloved list in pink I was all too excited. Of course I grabbed it. I tried this one on first. I couldn’t help but notice, looking at myself in the full size mirror with the HOT PINK neon letters lining the top of it stating “STRIP” (PS – I totally want one of those in my closet). That my body, already doesn’t look like it use to. My wish list item, remember, the first one I tried on – didn’t look like it did 4 months ago, you see…it pulled right under my belly button and in return was too loose on the sides – it was one of those monokini (not sure how to spell that) style waist ones. The best thing about it looking different (and when I say different, I mean not nearly as sexy as it once did) – Is that I loved that it didn’t. I totally checked myself out in the mirror.

I examined every inch in fact, if you want me to be honest. I first noticed my waist. I already knew I was getting bigger, I mean how can you not when your buttons on your skinny jeans are about to pop? I have these new found love handle type things that sit just to the left and right of my little 4 month baby bump. My thighs, they aren’t toned anymore at all and I have even been riding the bike, and they have a perfect porcelain color (as in, not a smidgen of tan or even fake tanner at all). At the front of my armpits, I have a roll – on each one of them. You know what I am talking about right? You put on your bra, the one that gives you a little lift and all of a sudden, BAM a roll by your armpit, the part that connects with your boobage. My bum cheeks are bigger but actually look a little perky. My face cheeks are a little chubby and I have this weird uneven skin tone thing going on with them. And last but not least, my boobs are already a full cup size bigger. Why am I telling you EVERY ONE of my newly discovered ‘flaws’ as some of you may be thinking in your head…well, it’s because I don’t think they are flaws at all. I am PROUD of every new pound and roll that I have put on in the last 4 months. The most amazing little miracle is happening inside of me and I can’t be more ecstatic about this baby joining mine and Casey’s family. The scale is going to keep getting higher and I swear that I am going to weigh as much as my six foot husband does come July – but last night, I have come to terms that I am completely okay with that. I am okay that every inch that I have always been proud to call mine on my body is changing (meaning getting bigger) and I even am liking parts more that I didn’t like 4 months ago.

I took off the first ‘wish list’ item and chose not to get that one. I didn’t like how it sagged on my hips.

I tried a black lacy one on next. I got a large. It fit perfect everywhere but where my boobs were to be perfectly placed, were like a -A cup size that wouldn’t fit anyone. They need to fix that.

Lastly, I tried on the DARLING one. And loved EVERYTHING about it. SOLD! It extenuated my baby bump and I felt completely and utterly beautiful in it. The only problem…the price tag read $78.

Casey came up behind me on Sunday as I was standing in front of the mirror getting ready, he carefully wrapped his arms around me and placed his hands tenderly on my stomach. He kissed my cheek and said, “I have been dreaming about you being pregnant since my mission”. He too, loves that my body is changing and I love him even more for that.

So to all you mothers out there and soon to be mothers...many of you are much to harsh on your beautiful bodies and I think - you should be proud of what you "NOW" look like. Your husbands, probably dont even notice your flaws and in fact, he probably thinks they are sexy until you start bashing and complaining about it. So dont do it and be confident!!!