" I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that LOVING is the best calorie burner. I believe kissing. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." ~Audrey Hepburn

Monday, April 30, 2012

A much needed update.

This post is going to be mostly about Cru, again. But before I start, I thought I would share that we are expecting baby #2 in 9 short weeks (in case you didnt already know). Baby boy will be here on June 29th.

We also went to Orlando and Jacksonville 2 weeks ago...Next post I guess.

As for Cru News...
My baby, isnt a baby anymore. He is 21 months, going on 5.
Some of my very favorite things he does right now are...
- He knows the entire alphabet by site.
- Can count to 10 by himself.
- Knows up to 10 by site as well.
- Gives me hugs and kisses whenever I want.
- Thinks butterfly kisses are HILARIOUS!
- Can spot/hear an airplane like nobodys business.
- Is stinkin fast.
- When he has something that I need and doesnt want to give it up, I say "Cru may I please have that?" and he'll turn and say "Pease, no. Pease."
- He is VERY polite. He says thank you after everything we give him and says 'Es You' when you sneeze.
- He loves Boggs (his panda bear) and his fuzzy blankie.
- Asks to say prayers EVERY night without fail. And will fold his arms (for about 20 seconds). And then he will make Boggs fold his arms.
- Asks to go potty (I think this is a good sign!)
- Aks to "go play" when he wants to go outside.
- When he thinks one of us is being silly or funny he'll say "Oh mommy" or "Oh daddy" ect.
- He knows where almost every part on his body is.
- Loves the song "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" and jumps at the right part everytime!
- Thinks working in the basement with his dad is the BEST THING EVER.
- Loves hats.
- Strokes the back of my hair when I am holding him.
- Will STILL read books for hours. His favorite one as of late is "Peep Peep" (Thomas the train)
- Loves Elmo. I am not sure where this obsession came with???
- Is learning his colors...He knows Purple and will tell you when something is purple. He also does descent with Blue, Yellow and Green.
- Tries really hard to A R T I C U L A T E. Its hilarious when he tries to do Yellow. He sticks his tounge out and everything.
- Can recognize shapes. Circle is his obvious favorite and will point it our everywhere we go and draw it on the shower glass.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Halloween 2011

Cru loved the Pumpkin Patch this year! He had tons of fun riding around in the cart and picking out his own pumpkins!
Cru's pumpkin...
My two favorite people! Aren't they so handsome? Oh, and there is "Mummy" too...My mom brought this over for Cru and he instantly became Cru's best friend. He sings 'Thriller' and dances - Cru will dance with him every time he turns him on (:
Our family wentwe as Harley Bikers for Halloween, Cru pulled it off quite well...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cru and the Christmas Tree

Casey and I started putting Cru in timeout about a month ago. As he is only 16 months old we decided we would start with one thing and as he learned not to do it, to move on to something else. SOOOOO, the first thing we started with was to put him in time out everytime he threw something down the stairs (it started putting dings in the wall). After about 3 days of telling him "no" and putting him time out, he stopped.
The 2nd thing we put him in time out for was twisting the knobs on the stove - that took about a week.
The 3rd thing was the Christmas Tree.
Casey and I went back and forth on this one - I wanted him to be allowed to touch the tree. He thinks it is SO magical and is so fascinated with it when the lights are on. So it is really hard for me to put him in timeout for it. But, Caseys point was that he didnt want him to touch 'other peoples' trees and break something of theirs. He had a good point, so I agreed (im still sad about it). Anyway...So everytime Cru touches the tree we give him a warning "Cru, dont touch the Christmas tree." and if he touches it again, we go over kneal down, point our finger at the tree and say "no no". Then we pick him up and put him in time out for 45 seconds. Well on Thursday, I did this with him ALL DAY! After about the 11th time I went in the kitchen and started doing dishes, and not to my surprise he dashed over to the tree and started touching it. I said "Cru, please dont touch the Christmas Tree", he looked over at me and then turned to the tree, put out his finger and said "No, No!" and then RAN to timeout and sat there for like 20 seconds!!! It was hilarious!!!
Obviously, he thinks timout is worth touching the Christmas Tree! So funny!
The good news is - he doesnt touch anyone elses' Tree!

Monday, October 10, 2011


My dad is leaving for Iraq on Wednesday, so we went and got some family pictures taken. Poor Cru is NOT going to know what to do without his Papa! They have such a sweet and unique relationship...I envy it!

Friday, October 7, 2011

14 Months...

I have so much to blog about, so much we have done...but first, Cru.

14 Months? I really cant believe it. I say it every month. Is this how fast your ENTIRE life is going to flash before my eyes? It makes me sad.

Yesterday, we danced to thriller that plays everytime you push the button on "mmmm" (which stands for Mummy) that Nana brought to you last month. You are quite fond of this dancing/singing mummy - and give him hugs and kisses everytime you see him. We danced for a good 45 mintues to it. You think I am hilarious when I dance.

Your Pa (Grandpa Mayo) is leaving for Iraq on Wednesday. I still have not found comfort with it. You are going to be so confused when he stops coming around. You favor him over anyone else and I truly believe he is your best friend. We are making him a "Pa and Me" book, you will both have one while he is away. I will read it to you everyday while he is away. I hope and pray that when he returns, the 2 of you can pick up right where you left off.

Youve added to your vocabulary the last month. You now say "Light" and point at the light, eyes and point to my eyes and Banana. Its cute! You still say Mommy, Daddy, Puppy and Up. The pediatrition said you should be able to say/sign 5 words by 15 months... you are at 8, nice work!!!

You sign 'More' and 'Up'. I wasnt really in to teaching you sign language, but seriously, I am so glad that I tought you 'More'. Anytime you want something, you will kindly hand me the item and sign 'More' if you cant open it yourself. Or, if we are eating and you are ready for another bite, you will patiently sign 'More' - you have got really good at it this last month. Its funny though, sometimes I wont be looking at you when you are signing 'More' and when I finally do you are doing it really fast with a look on your face like "come on!", its funny. Last night dad was sitting on the couch and you went and got a piece of Halloween Candy out of the basket, brought it over to dad and signed "more" - dad thought it was quite impressive, so he opened it and let you eat the ENTIRE Milky Way!!! hahahahha.

You love the "Roll it and Roll it up" part of Patty Cake, and constintanly walk around doing the arm motion for it. And you will look at me and wait for me to say "Roll it up and Roll it up" and then you start laughing and doing it faster.

You started Pre-Pre-School...you go every Monday for a half a day. It was a little hard for you at first, but now you like it. When dad drops you off in the morning and opens the door to your classroom, the 2 other little boys in there stop what they are doing and yell "Cru, Cru...Hi Cru!!!!" ----- So sweet! You are already making some friends!

You started kicking your soccer ball - it made dad and I quite proud. Youll pick it up, drop it and then start kicking it!

You also are quite fond of going golfing for FHE with mom and dad, we bought you your own little plastic clubs and you try to hit the ball with them.

You are quite the little gibberish talking boy. You will say like 3 full on sentences, wait for me to respond and then start up again. This morning, I was changing your diaper and you went off for like 45 seconds straight and right in the middle said "puppy" and continued with your jibberish. It made me laugh so hard... you were totally telling me a story about a puppy. HILARIOUS!!!

You are such a good boy. You and dad are the Loves of my life. I love saying family prayers and giving each other kisses and group hugs after prayers - I look forward to it everyday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

13 Months...

You are officially not a baby anymore. You are a toddler and SOOO independent!

One of my most favorite times of the day is at night after bath time and getting you in your jammies, is rocking you while you finish your bottle. Ill sing I am a Child of God and you will just stare in my eyes. I love it.

YOU WALK!!! Like FULL on WALK! You started taking steps on August 26th and got up to 32 going back and forth to dad and I, you were just a little nervous to start on you own. On September 1st, you decided you were ready and off you went. Now you walk in circles around the couch just because you think it is fun!

You LOVE it when I sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Patty Cake - you hold my hands and help me to the hand motions to it.

You can say: Mom, Dad, ickle ickle (tickle, tickle), uppeee (puppy), up.

You can sign: more, drink and thank you.

You love Boggs and your blanket.

You love getting in the shower with mom or dad. You will just play in the bottom of shower and let the water hit you.

You give dad chest bumps when he asks for them.

You are totally a mommas boy - and I hope it stays like that.

You love green smoothies and would drink multiples a day if I would make them.

You take the most ginormous bites when eating a banana.

You dance by yourself when music comes on and you like to dance with me when no one else is around.

You know where your belly button and your nose is. And when I ask you where your teeth are you bite down multiple times

You get shy when little girls smile at you. (like, close your eyes and tilt your head towards your shoulder shy)

You still love it when I read to you.

You like to brush your teeth! And will even let me finish up for you!

You like the park. You will even back up to the slide (like you are going down stairs) and go down the slide all by yourself.

Weve upgraded to a Sounds (by First Impressions) DVD that is 28 minutes and you will watch the entire thing!

You are obsessed with WHEELS! You will notice them from a mile away. Yesterday we were at the park and you started b-lining it towards one of those big garbage cans, I wasnt sure what you were doing at first - but then realized once you were there, you wanted the little wheels that were on it.

And, you are a TOTAL mommas boy and I wouldnt have it any other way!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1st Birthday Party! We're going to the BEACH!

For Cru's first birthday we had a beach party with plenty of things to get WET in! One of Cru's most favorite things, is water...so I planned a party just around that!

The Beach...

The food tent...

I made WAY to much food, but I kind of got carried away with the theme...
We had "Jellyfish Sandwiches"

Sand Dollar Pudding, Riptide Watermelon, Whale Crackers, Sandbar Potatoes, Sea Salt Chips, Shark Bait, Fish and Chips, Fresh Sea Water and much more...
I thought the cupcakes turned out darling...I tinted the icing blue and made shark fins out of fondant, quite the process, but totally worth it.
The slip n slide was quite a hit, I put liquid dish soap on it to make the kids go faster and they loved it! The little ones just liked that it made "bubbles"

The birthday boy waiting for his guests to arrive...
Cru LOVED his cake and did so well! He dove right in. It was cute, he wouldnt even look at the cake, he was just looking around, looking at everyone else watching him and just kept dipping his hand in the cake, it was hysterical.

My dad got Cru an electric 4 Wheeler, and the kid is obsessed! (more pics to come of this). It took him 2 tries to figure out how it worked...when I saw him out on the sport court riding it, I was seriously shocked! He looked like such a big boy riding it all by himself! So sad!!!

The party favors were sea creature sand molds wrapped in fish net with a tag that read "We're WHALEY glad you come".
I still can't believe my baby is 1! Where did that year go?

Cru was such a happy boy the entire day. He came out at 11:30 and stayed outside and played while we cleaned up till about 5! He was in heaven!

Even though I know he wont remember his first birthday party, I know he had a blast...I wouldnt have wanted it any other way!

Thanks to everyone who came and played and especially thanks to my mom for all she helped me do!!! I couldnt have done it without her!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1 Year!

***Birthday pictures to come, blogger is having a hard time loading pictures today ):

The last year, has by far been one of the best years of my life. Starting a family with my very best friend and becoming parents is better than I ever dreamed.

My heart is full of pure and unconditional love.

You are still my baby, but such a big boy.

You like to go 'walking' while holding on to my fingers. You aren't quite ready to take your first lone steps yet and thats okay. I smile knowing that something as little as my finger, a tiny part of me, is all you need to feel secure.

You like when I do laundry, you will help me load the washer, push the buttons and then watch the clothes go round and round.

You army crawl like nobody's business, AKA - you are freaking fast! You can crawl like a big boy, but aren't NEARLY as fast, so you'll start up on you knees than quickly go down to your belly.

You are having a hard time drinking milk out of a sippy cup and it is scaring me. You only get one bottle a day and will only drink water from your sippy cup. Hopefully we will come up with something!

You are the best hugger in the world! Anytime we ask for a hug, you will willingly give it.

You love the air vents. You know when they turn on and you will crawl over to the vent and lay your head down on it or sit on it.

You always look at me for approval - I love it!

You can clap and it is darling. Yesterday I got home work and said "Mommy's home!" you looked up at me and started claping! HAHA

You have four top teeth and four bottom teeth.

You still love reading with me. If I sit in the rocker in your room, you know it is time to read and will crawl over to me to pick you up to read a story.

You love blueberry waffels, yogurt, mac n cheese and anything CARB!

You are VERY selective with your kisses, but when I get one, it melts my heart.

You love Boggs (your Panda) with all your heart, he gets hugs and kisses every night.

We took your binky away, we are on day 3 and you are doing WONDERFUL! I think it is harder for me than for you - I miss seeing you laying in your crib sucking on it like an infant.

You LOVE dogs! And think Tank and Otis are HILARIOUS!!!

You are such a happy boy. Everyone always asks me "Is he always this happy?" and you are! I am so lucky to call you mine.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wheeler Farm & Snow Cones!

We took Cru to Wheeler Farm to introduce him to some farm animals and feed the ducks. I thought he would like the horses' and cows because how big they are. I was way wrong, anything little, he liked much more.
He wasnt sure about the geese, but who is? Those things are freaking scary!

Then we introduced him to one of my most favorite summer things...SNOW CONES!!! We couldnt feed it to him fast enough, he started grunting as soon as he swallowed what was in his mouth.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mothers Day

Mother's Day, what it meant to me.
I have always enjoyed Mothers Day. I think it is special to have that day set aside to celebrate my own Mother and all she has done for me.
However, yesterday, as I celebrated my first Mother's Day I now understand why my mother never wanted gifts and just wanted to be with her "kids".
Yesterday as I spent my entire day with my baby and my husband, the day brought a new perspective on that Holiday. I felt complete, appreciated, grateful and extreme joy. I am a Mother.
My husband asked me what the best thing about being a mom was. As my answer really could be a novel long, I answered with one of my very favorite things... Cru, will just sit and stare at me for hours with a look of pure satisfaction and pure love radiating from his eyes. He doesnt see what I see in the mirror - he sees perfection. I know how a new mother could get down on herself for not looking how she use to or not feeling as beautiful as she once did. But when this little boy stares at me like this. I feel beautiful, I feel confident and I feel perfect.
Besides being the mother to the most perfect and happy baby in EVER... Casey spoiled me by letting me sleep in till 10:20, waking up to the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls and a high valued gift card and money to go get some new clothes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cru's first haircut 4.24.11

On Easter Sunday while we were at Grandma Bubba's (Caseys parents house) I went in the back room to find Cru sitting on the floor and Casey getting his dads hair shaver out! I about had a heart attack. So, I talked Casey's sister Jackie in to cutting Cru's hair for us. Cru WAS NOT happy about it AT ALL! He was screaming and throwing a fit while Casey was holding him,

then I took him and had to sing the Wheels on the bus and distract him so Jackie could finish. She did a great job!
I must admit, he did need a cut, I was in denial but it was pretty long and splotchy. Now he can wear it normal or have a little fohawk like his dad! He looks quite handsome!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cru is 9 Months * Stats & Pictures

Where is the time going? Today as I was feeding my baby, he didnt look like a baby anymore. He looked like a little boy. His chubby cheeks are slowly getting thinner and he is getting really close to walking. Whats happening?
Thankfully, his thighs still have rolls and his chubby little hands arent missing the dimples in his knuckles, they are still there.

- 9 Month Stats -
Weight: 20 Pounds 8 ounces (50th %)
Height: 29 3/4'' (95%)
Head: 18'' (75%)

Even though my little baby is growing, our life together is getting better and better.

Some updates on you...
You still LOVE bath time, I mention this each month, but I just have to. That star toy, is by far one of your very favorites, it squirts water up and you think it is awesome!
You are such a happy baby. So content with life. You only cry when you are tired or get really frustrated trying to figure out how something works. But this is the look you usually have on your face...
I seriously love it when you sit like this. You seem to be in this, or the standing position most of the day. Your little toes, I love them so!
With that said, you pull yourself up on EVERYTHING! And are getting very close to 'cruising'.
You say Da-da and with much anticipation, you said Ma-ma April 29th (your 9 month birthday).
You love eating finger foods and any other big boy food you can get your hands on. Like, avocado, yogurt melts, puffs, watermelon and bananas. Ever since fruit came along, you don't do to great with veggies...just like your dad.
You will pass your soccer ball back and forth with me for ever.
And if you have to entertain yourself, you will grab a mini ball, pick it up above your head, drop/throw it and chase after it. So cute.
You have pulled off all but 2 of the doorstops in the house.
You push your tiger (that has wheels) on the kitchen tile and chase after him.
Your newest trick...you go into your bedroom and shut the door behind you. It doesn't matter if you are in there alone or with someone, you will close it.
You will turn off the lights when we leave a room if we hold you up to it.
You like to pull yourself up on the stove and see your 'friend' in the reflection.
You will still sit and read with me. I love how you turn the pages.
You love the jogging stroller! Anytime we take you out there you dont make a peep. You are as content as can be!!!

St George -

We went down to St George with my family. It was so nice to get away. In fact, this was our first 'vacation' since Cru was born. He was such a good too! He didnt cry once on the drive down. The only time he had a hard time was when we were in the hotel room the 2nd night, he was totally confused about taking a nap while someone was in the room. But other than that, he did SO good!

On Saturday, the boys went golfing and I introduced Cru to 'GRASS' as we ate lunch. He found it quite fascinating. He wouldn't touch it with his hands, but he would lick it - seriously. It was so funny.

On Sunday we did a little hiking and Casey and I (well mostly Casey) got a serious workout towing Cru around on our backs! Thankfully he was sheltered with a canopy and TONS of sunblock cause we got roasted in the 85 degree weather! It stunk coming home to the snow.

The boys did a TON of golfing and us girls just relaxed by the pool, went shopping and relaxed! It was a much needed trip and I wish it could have lasted even longer than it did!