" I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that LOVING is the best calorie burner. I believe kissing. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." ~Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Introducing - Carv Photography

Well, Casey and I are leaving for Europe this weekend, so I thought I would leave you all with this... I am in the process of creating my photography portfolio/business and am in need of volunteer's to help me do this. On the sidebar of Carv Photography's blog - www.carvphotography.blogspot.com - there is a field titled "Needed Shoots", here I will be posting different photo shoots that I need help completing for my portfolio. If you are interested in a free shoot, where you would only need to pay for your prints, please email me at carvphotography@live.com. with your name and which shoot(s) you are interested in. I will contact you and together we will set up the best time. If you are interested in getting other pictures taken, also email me and I will let you know my prices (I promise they are really good!) Thank you so much for all of you who have helped thus far.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

ABC's of Me

A- Attached or single: Attached
B- Best Friend: Casey, we've been buds since 2nd grade.
C-Cake or Pie: Ice Cream
D-Day: Saturday
E- Essential Item: Toothbrush
F- Favorite Color: Any color you can see in a sunset
G-Gummi Bears or Worms: Worms
H-Home town: Sandy, UT
I- Indulgences: Queso from Cafe Rio
J- January or July?: July
K-Kids: None yet
L-Life is incomplete without: My family
M- Marriage Date: September 14 2006
N- Number of Siblings: 3 Sisters and 4 brothers.
O- Oranges or Apples: Oranges and Apples (Apples w/ peanut butter)
P- Phobias or Fears: Losing someone I love.
Q- Quote: "No Regrets"
R- Reason To Smile: Because I'm blessed.
S- Season: Fall & Spring
T- Tag Three: Jenn, Jessica and Laurie (You may have already done this one)
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I am money anal! I am a very frugal person and have never been in debt.
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Oppressor of Animal - I love meat!
W- Worst Habit: I am impatient.
X-Rays or Ultrasounds: I have never had an ultrasound, but I'll go with it.
Y-Your favorite food: Today it's sour cream, chicken enchiladas.
Z: Zodiac Sign: Cancer