" I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that LOVING is the best calorie burner. I believe kissing. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." ~Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boo to Red Mango

Casey came and took me to lunch today...They just put a Red Mango in across the street from my office building that I have been DYING to try! (I am a huge fat free frozen yogurt fan!) Anyway, everyday I tell myself I’m going to try it, but I just never have. Today was the perfect day, it finally being sunny and all (:
I loved the layout of the place and my first words when we walked in were “Fancy!” However, I quickly saw the prices to their plan… $3.00 for a small frozen yogurt?!?!?!?
Now, step in my shoes for moment…I hit up the Maverick at least 3 times a week and pay for a LARGE filled as full as I can possibly get it without the top falling over for $1.92. I understood that Red Mango needed to make a profit, therefore we stayed and indulged. They only have 3 flavors: Original, Pomegranate and Green Tea – Odd choice of flavors if you ask me, but I got Original and Pomegranate swirl. She then asked if I wanted a topping, OF COURSE! They had fresh raspberries!!! But don’t worry – we had to pay another $1.00 for a topping.
$4.00 for a small 1 topping yogurt? It’s a business strictly relaying on their profit from the yogurt – so once again, I understand! Until… the sweet lady behind the counter handed me my $4 yogurt that was filled only a third of my small cup up and barely soared over the rim – WHAT??? Seriously???
Needless to say, Casey and I will not make another stop at Red Mango!
I think Frogurt in Draper is a little more reasonably priced, but they too only received business from this yogurt junkie once – my next try will be Frozen Yogurt Junction – I just got a coupon for a “buy 1 get 1 free”! Now that’s what I'm talking about!
Needless to say, my tiny yogurt was delicious Pomegranate and Raspberry mixed is divine!
***Note, the above picture is not of my yogurt, in fact, mine was about half the size of this.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Growth Chart

A friend of mine is such a SUPER crafty woman and seriously has made everything on display in her home. I was over at her home on Sunday and she showed me these cute growth charts she has made for a boutique she is doing in May. They are adorable and she can make them in any color you want. If you are interested, her number is: 801-391-3526 and her name is Janey.

Monday, April 27, 2009

3 games and a Real game.

*** This post is all about soccer, so if you don’t have any interest in this sport, you probably shouldn’t waste your time. Just so ya know.

Saturday was a completely full day of soccer! I am so grateful that Casey and have I both played soccer and enjoy watching it! Anyway, Casey plays on an outdoor team and his games are every Saturday morning at nine. As you can see, my Saturday morning ritual of Casey making me breakfast and the cuddling up to a movie and not getting out of bed till one, has now been sadly taken away…As much as I did enjoy that for the last nine months, I don’t mind supporting and watching him play a game he loves! I wonder if our kids will play soccer so I can enjoy that with them too, Hmmm?!?
Then Casey took me to Texas Roadhouse for lunch! Ymmm…They have a killer deal that if you eat there before 6 you can get your meal with 2 sides for only $7.99 – So if you don’t know where to go for date night this week…you should hit it up!
3:10 – Our first coed indoor soccer game and Casey’s 2nd game of the day. I LOVE playing coed indoor – especially with the little team we have right now! We actually only have 7 players (which allows us one sub), so we are all trying to get in a little better shape so we don’t get outran. Anyway, I understand that being a girl on a “coed” team means that I will more than likely get pushed around by some guys, maybe get taken to school because I am well aware that boys are typically faster than girls and I am TOTALLY okay with that! However, there was a guy on this team who had absolutely NO class whatsoever, after multiple times of getting hacked in the ankles and getting pushed to the ground by him, he decided I needed even more from him and slammed me into the wall and immediately after, elbowed me in the gut! Jerk! Oh well, I told him I could play that game too, and my team thought it was hilarious – 2nd half he was playing keeper and I scored on him. We won 7 to 4. So ,dear “Jerk”, as much of a white trash man I already thought you were, letting your family and buddies see you getting scored on by not 2 but 3 girls and losing the game for your team, was well worth getting slammed into a wall like a hockey player! I cant wait to meet you again!
As if 2 soccer games in a day weren’t enough, our good friends John and Dan gave us their tickets to the Real game that night! This was the first game we had been to this season and I must admit, they have gotten MUCH better since last season! I actually enjoyed myself and didn’t find Casey and I stating high school players who they should recruit!
Oh, and I must mention that our seats were right behind the South goal and if you have ever been to a Real game you will know that this is the section were smoke, confetti and super loud music is blaring from the entire game. What a crack up! I was thoroughly entertained by the clan of over 80 Hispanics screaming vulgarities in Spanish and watching Casey’s eye widen and me wondering what in the world they were screaming – Casey would tell me and then the over-drunken man in his 50’s dancing to the music in the first row mimicking them (not knowing what he was saying) with a huge smile on his face was classic! Poor guy! We left with 10 minutes left in the game because we had another indoor game at 10:40 – yes it was the 3rd game of the day. However, Real killed New England 6-0! Thanks John and Dan for the free date!
10:40pm – Is obviously WAY to late for anyone to playing a game and if 10:40 itself wasn’t bad enough, being your 3rd game of the day, is never a good thing. We started out with only 4 players while the other team had 6. They scored 2 goals on us in the first 7 minutes and then the rest of out team showed up. We lost, but that’s okay! We’ll get them next time!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Will start with this...

We have officially been back from Cancun for a week now and I have been so dang busy I haven’t got a chance to upload our pictures…so, I’ll start with a movie post!

I went and saw 17 Again with Zac Efron with my mom, sister and sister n laws over the weekend and actually REALLY liked it. Call me lame, but I seriously thought it was so cute!
There were some SUPER funny parts in it too! It had me laughing and had me telling my little 15 year old sister what a "MILF" is at the end of the show... sweet!
However, I never really thought Zac Efron was cute at all till I saw this movie and now, I think he is a total HOTTIE! That didnt come till he made this appearance ~

Its totally the leather jacket and aviator glasses! I’m a sucker for the 60’s!
However, the sceen where hes daughter trys to make out with him - is - HILARIOUS! Could you even imagine seeing your daughter act like that?!?! HAHAHA!
Anyway, thanks for the girls night mom - I had fun!