" I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that LOVING is the best calorie burner. I believe kissing. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." ~Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas morning...

Cru gave Casey and I a wonderful Christmas present this year...he slept in until 9:40!!! I woke up at 7 and put the Christmas casserole in the oven and went back to bed, an hour and a half later the oven timer was beeping and Cru was talking in his crib. Perfect timing.
We got up, ate breakfast, fed the babe and Casey and I opened our gifts...yeah thats right, we opened our gifts first and then let Cru at his. We are awesome. haha
Casey and I spent a whole $11 bucks of Cru for Christmas. Everything else he got from grandparents. However, he has currently only played with his new soccer ball, listened to his singamagigs and played with his easy grasp ball.
I loved Christmas when it was just Casey and I, it was even better starting a few new traditions now that we have Cru and I have a feeling they are just going to get better and better.
Cru with all his toys...
Casey's mom and dad asked what we would like them to get Cru for Christmas, I told them that I wanted to start an education fund for Cru and would love if they wanted to make his first deposit. They went beyond that and are actually doing the research for the best one that actually plays to stock market. I am really excited about it, and really really grateful. Education is so important to Casey and I and we are excited to start this fund for Cru so that he too can experience and appreciate the importance of a college degree.

Santa came to Nana's

Every year Santa makes his grand appearance to my mom's house (Nana's). All the grandkids LOVE it and it is something we all look forward to during our family Christmas party. The year's Santa had a fake beard, as soon as we put Cru on Santa's lap, he we for it on almost pulled it downed, Santa had pretty quick hands though, and was able to hold it in place while I pried Cru's fingers apart. It was quite entertaining, well at least I thought.
Cru received his first stocking from Santa filled with a gift card to Babies R Us. It was perfect!
I am kind of bummed that I didnt get a good shot of Cru with Santa. But at least I got something...
Thanks mom for yet another fun Christmas party!

Gardner Village

To start out this year's Christmas festivities, Casey and I decided to venture out and take Cru to see the Elves at Gardner Village before it got too cold. Of course as soon as I got Cru out of his car seat and started walking it started down pouring. Cru was a trooper though, we were still able to get some pictures and spot a few elves. Christmas is SO much better with little ones!

Casey's 27th and Mom's 50th

The love of my life turned 27. The lucky boy got the day off of work and I of course did not, so he got to spend the morning with Cru until I got home. I got him a PS3. I think it is BY FAR the best gift I have ever given him. I have never seen him that excited to get something. We ended up taking it back and getting the bundle package with the PS3 Move - which is super fun. Anyway, happy belated birthday post babe! I love you!

My mom turned the big 5-0 last month. I sent out an invitation to have her party at my house...but because Cru had RSV I was no longer feeling up to it, so we partied at Outback and let them clean up the mess, it was perfect. Happy birthday momma, I love you dearly!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

4 months.

I feel like this sweet little man has always been a part of my life. But I swear everyday he changes so much.
Cru is such a good baby. I still don't think Casey knows how good we have it (or maybe I am naive and really just have no idea).

4 Month stats:
Weight: 14 pounds 11 oz - 50%
Height: 26.5 inches - 90%
Head: 17 inches - 85%

The past month Cru has still been enjoying the same things he always has:
- Car rides
- Bath time
- Going to bed

But he has learned some new things too:
- Rollin over! For about a week he would just go from his tummy to his back, but last week he goes, tummy to back to tummy to back. He gets really proud of himself when he goes back to his back and loves it when we start clapping and cheering him on.
- How to grab absolutely everything and stick it in his mouth.
- Pull on my hair. It is the first thing he goes for EVERY time I pick him up.
- Talking to his 'Liger' in his pack n play - he seriously will just lay in that thing forever talking to her, its so cute.
- He loves eating rice cereal off a spoon. He took it like a champ in fact! He watches the spoon get the rice cereal and make its way back to his mouth, he opens wide and doesn't spit a thing out. He loved it. However, yesterday the doc just told me to put it in his bottle for now, till he is eating more.
- Family prayers. He lays there and coos the entire time and tries to put his feet on dads face.

Here are some pics from Monday November 29th, his actual 4 month mark -