" I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that LOVING is the best calorie burner. I believe kissing. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." ~Audrey Hepburn

Friday, October 22, 2010

10-10-10 - Cru's Blessing

We blessed Cru on October 10th. It was such a beautiful day. Having been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ my entire life, I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by some amazing Priesthood holders. One of them being my sweet husband. I will never forget the first time I truly felt my husbands sweet spirit and the power he portrayed as I knelt down in prayer with him just 3 days after he returned home from his mission in Nicaragua. I swear up and down that I knew that I would marry Casey when I was in 10th grade - but this was the day I knew it for certainty. This man had the Priesthood, something I wanted my children to have in their home as they grew. Today, was the first, of I am sure many blessings, that Casey gave to his first son.
I sat in amazement at the calmness and sincere heartfelt prayer that was offered up during Cru's blessing - what a lucky boy to have such an amazing father! A father that dreams of the day when they will be 'playing' outside and washing the cars. I father who already gave his whole heart away the minute he saw him for the first time. A father that will drive home for lunch breaks just to see his family and one that will be an amazing example to our entire family...

Casey - Me - Cru
My happy baby
Aunt Alyssa, Nana, Cru and Grampa
Casey - Grandma - Grandpa Bubba - Cru - Me
Papa and Cru

I made Chocolate Cookie Dough Cupcakes...the were delish!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No question...

Im at work right now and dont have any pictures to post - but hopefully I will get to that on Thursday.... But, I just have to say, that I serioulsy have the coolest baby EVER!
Cru and I went to the Alta Girls Quarterfinal game on Tuesday (which they lost by the way) and Cru sat perfectly content on my lap watching girls run back and forth in front of him (when they were close enough for him to see) for the ENTIRE first half. At half-time, I had to go the the bathroom - so we went and on the way back to our chair he fell asleep. Not a peep out of him the whole time - he was totally happy and enjoyed every moment. Some lady came up and asked how old Cru was, when I told her that he was 2 months, her eyes got big and her jaw dropped. She told me how "lucky" I am to have such a good baby. But I already knew that. Even with all the cheering and clapping, and screaming...he loved it! He would just glance over wherever the noise was coming from. It was hilarious.
Then, on Sunday.... Cru slept from 8:20pm to 5:30am, I went and got him out of his bed and brought him in to cuddle with me for a little while, he fell back alseep and when I rolled over to see what time it was, the clock said.....10:28!!!! I seriously, was so tired the rest of the day cause I got TO MUCH sleep! How awesome is that???
Oh my little Cruiser is a perfect miniture of his parents...and it is WONDERFUL!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Picture Time!

I am getting back into the swing of things and am aching to get back out and take pictures! It is beautiful outside and my camera is calling my name!!!
If you are interested in getting your family pictures taken, give me a call - check out my photography blog http://www.carvphotography.blogspot.com/!
Keep in mind, that I am aware that the economy sucks right now and that people dont wont to spend money on family photos, but I am a cheap date...at only $50 bucks, I promise you will get many that you LOVE!!!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Me

Every time Cru falls asleep, I find myself either... 1. Writing on my LettersToCru blog or 2. Searching for other enjoyable blogs to read that leave me uplifted.
Last night, as Cru so perfectly slept in my arms - I found one of those blogs. The most recent post was a letter she wrote herself when her baby turned 9 months. However, the letter was what she would have written to herself if she could go back to just before her child was born.

I wanted to write one too...

Dear Me,

The last couple of weeks many have wished upon you that your baby would come early. You kindly responded that you want him to come when he is ready and fully developed. Your want of a perfect, healthy baby boy will be fulfilled. In fact, he will be late.

You will prove to yourself that you are braver and more capable than you have EVER given yourself credit for. All those many articles and books you have read on vaginal deliveries, hours of pushing, maybe a little tearing - even making the 'pushing' face in the mirror to see what you would like...are all pointless. Braveness will come as you so willingly lie on a table as some of the best, perform major surgery on you, so that your little one doesn't get sick. Your body will experiance pain and ecstast at the magnitute of which in currently unimaginable, a pain you have never felt.

It will instantly sink in the he really does belong to you. And, it is more amazing than you ever dreamed of it being. Things will come naturally. You will be overprotective. Family prayers will make you weep as you and Casey pray for help and guidance, for health and happiness for your most prized possession.

You think you love Casey now - but, you will be amazed at how much more you will love him. You thought you had the best husband, but you will soon find out that you found the most amazing man to father your children. He will give everything he has in caring for you and your baby.

Your thoughts on a million different topics will change drastically. What makes you happy. What constitutes as a successful day. What others think (you really wont care). How much sleep you need to function. What you believe to be your strengths and your weaknesses. What's important. What's not.

People tell you that you have no idea what love is until you hold your child in your arms. And right now, you nod your head and smile...but inside you believe you have a pretty good idea. Soon enough - there he will be - that faint little cry that brings a smile to your face - his brand new skin against yours - his smell that you can't get enough of - the first rise and falls of him breathing on your chest. And you will realize that they were all right. Absolutely right. You had no idea. Not a clue.

In a couple of weeks, routine will start to settle in and you will look in the mirror, the girl looking back will be the same. She'll have the same annoying habits, the same faults, will care much less about herself and well being - But, she'll learn something about herself that you don't know yet...despite your many flaws and shortcomings, you turn out to be a damn (a word you would never let cross your lips in the presence of your baby)...but you turn out to be a damn good mother. Know it, take pride in it. You'll still find yourself constantly praying for guidance, but have faith that on the journey you'll find your way.

The eventual you.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cru is 2 months

My little man is two months old today and is the sweetest thing ever.
His two months stats:
Weight - 11 pounds 12 ounces (60%ile)
Height - 24 inches (90%ile)
Head - 16 inches (75%ile)

Some of his very favorite things are:

1. Taking a bath - he totally fell alseep in the tub about 2 weeks ago, it was hilarious!
2. Getting his diaper changed - he will be all smiles and have a 'conversation' on the changing table for about 5 minutes each time I change him.

3. Singing the hokie pokie - he thinks its hilarious when I do it to his left foot.

4. Riding in the car.

5. Being outside when the wind is blowing.

6. His snuggie - I honestly think these really do increase a baby's sleep time.

Some of Cru's milestones this last month:

1. He started smiling at 5 weeks.
2. We are one week in of him sleeping through the night at 8 1/2 weeks.

3. This last week he has discovered his toes - he wont touch them, he will just sit there and stare at them.

Some of the things I have learned becoming a mom.

1. That if I could get down 5 pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant, I would honestly consider getting pregnant right now.

2. The love a mother has for her child is undescribable.

3. 3:00 am feedings, really aren't as bad as people make them out to be. In fact, I loved looking forward to seeing his smiling face when we were done as I laid him back in his crib. He got me a couple of times though, me feeling bad for leaving him so happy, all alone - so I rocked him to sleep instead.

4. A Breast Pump was seriously God's gift to me. I was so engorged after about 4 weeks of breastfeeding so I decided to breast feed than pump - I got 8 ounces after I had just fed my baby!!! Now, I have a freezer full of milk!

5. There is nothing sexier than watching my husband interact with our son. I honestly believe he is the best husband and father.

6. You can never have enough diapers. However, those huggies that have the 'wet line' are AMAZING! Why do they only put those on Newborn diapers?

7. 7 hours can pass and you can realize...I haven't even put my baby down!...or eaten, or gone to the bathroom.

8. C-Sections secretly aren't fun recovering from.

9. Asking anyone who wants to even touch my baby's hand to put sanitizer on, is totally worth it.

10. Being an anal and over-protective mom comes very natural to me.

11. Being peed on, isn't bad at all.

12. Loving on my hubby after the babe is alseep, is sexier than it ever has been - TMI? Probably, but I had to include it.

13. Stretch marks on my stomache, are worth the prized possesion that they came with - If he would have come on time, I wouldn't have any - but, he liked it in there.

14. Bottle warmers are a pumping moms best friend. Seriously!

15. My own mother has always been my best friend, but a new love and respect for her grew as soon as I held my own child.