" I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that LOVING is the best calorie burner. I believe kissing. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." ~Audrey Hepburn

Friday, June 5, 2009

One of my summer favs!

One of my most all time favorite things about summer are SNOW CONES!!! When you see those little "Snow Shacks" start poping up, you know its time for summer to begin!
Casey and I had our first Snow Cone of the summer last night - it was just as delicious as ever! We took a little walk behind our closest snow shack and found the city pool - I didnt even know we had a city pool! It has a slide and all! I know where I will be on my days off. Summer may have offically started weeks ago for most of you...but mine offically started last night!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh yeah…Cancun

(Don't mind my choice of pictures, I emailed them to myself at work to post them and didnt get the ones I wanted...but if I dont just post it, Ill probably never do it! And they are super small, so you can click to enlarge them.)
Almost 2 months later – but, we did go to Cancun…
It was absolutely perfect, our week long last minute vacation to Cancun! We found tickets for SUPER cheap and invited Casey’s parents to come along, and we hopped flight 2 ½ weeks later.
The weather was PERFECT, it was in the high 80’s the whole week.
The first thing we did when we got there was go eat. We ate at El Shrimp Bucket – and I was heaven! We ate about 7 different ‘flavors’ of shrimp between the 4 of us, the coconut shrimp was seriously like candy, just melted in your mouth…We ate good!
As this was mine and Casey’s third time to Cancun, we wanted to do some things that we hadn’t done in the past, one of them was to just hang out at the pool and the beach and enjoy these…

Mango smoothies! They just dont taste them same in the states! This is at the little cafe that sits under the pool to our hotel overlooking the ocean. It was so beautiful!
We did a couple of excursions…We did the “Jungle Tour” – that was NOT in a jungle AT ALL! We got on Wave Runners and took about a 30 minute ride on the ocean through some trees to the other side of the island and went snorkeling. I thought it was really fun! The first time we went to Cancun we had done a snorkeling adventure and one of the guys that was with us seriously cut up his feet on the coral, so I was kind of nervous swimming over it, but it was really pretty. Casey and Kendall almost lost Pam and I on the back of the Wave Runners though – The ocean was pretty choppy (obviously) and we hit some deep waves, we survived and made sure to give the boys a hard time about it!
That night we went on the “Cancun Queen”! The Cancun Queen is a dinner cruise that is about 4 hours long. You start out with a dance party on top to the old time style ferry and then have dinner underneath and watch the sunset.

We seiously were the only "white folk" on the boat - let me just tell...Those black girls new had to dance! We really had a blast, and enjoyed playing the limbo and learning new dances, they for sure out did us though! They loved my mother-n-law though...Nice work keeping up with them Pam, you totally impressed me!
Easter was a little different, Pam and Kendall went to Chitzenitza and Casey and I stayed at the beach all day. They had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, but other than it was pretty low key.
Monday we went to the Isla of Mujeras - translated into "The Island of the Women". Because when the discovered the island there were status of women all over the island. The island itself is only about 8 miles long and a mile wide, completley surrounded by the ocean! I think this was one of my favorite spots for sure! It was beautiful! However, I feared for my life the way over there - it is only like 10 miles out from Cancun, but you have to take a boat there and ours only held about 30 people, so it was pretty small to stand up against those HUGE ocean waves! I seriously thought I was going to die watching the waves come up around the boat and looking behind us not even being able to see past 10 yards becuase of those huge waves. I had to close my eyes - There is something about the dark ocean that frightens me! But, once we made it to the island, it was all worth the treacherous trip.
The Isla of Mujeres is a fishing village and though it is now discovered by tourists it still retains it's charm and tranquil atmosphere. As you stroll the streets in the evening you will see families gathered together in Caribbean styled homes, tucked between stores and restaurants, mending their fishing nets and relaxing.
They told us that they had an Angel Shark at the island that we could swim with - supposedly, if you turn an Angel Shark up side down, there brain hits there skull and they fall asleep, so, if the attack thats all they have to do, and nothing would happen - that was all I needed to hear to do it! I begged and begged Casey to do it with me, and he totally wasnt going to have any of it! All I wanted was a picture of the 2 of us with the shark. He gave in after about a half an hour and we started walking into the water - and something hit me - (this really is disgusting - just in case you choose to read on) I had just started my "girl problems" and thought to myslef "What if he 'smells' me and attacks" - (sick right? Yeah I know...but I had to tell you why I was so deathly scared and hiding behind Casey in this picture...)

Obviusly, Casey thought it was pretty cool and I didnt know what to think about it, my face tells it all, I think its cool that my husband is holding a shark, but I am terrified and totally disgusted with the sharks NASTY feeling tail whacking me in the side. I dont know what I was thinking - Why in my right mind did I think swimming and holding a shark would be "so neat"? It was disgusting, I touched the shark once just for Casey's satisfaction, and just thinking of it now - gives me beauterflies - But, I do love Casey's face in that picture!
Anyway, moving on...Here are a couple more pictures of the island, this place seriously was beautiful!

We rented this golf cart and went and explored the 8 mile long island...

There was a turtle farm that had all sorts of different sized turtles on and in it -

Other than that, we took bus rides around the strip and explored and relaxed by the pool! It was such a nice vacation and really needed on my part! Thanks Pam and Kendall for coming along, it was nice to spend some time with you guys...and for the unexpected "spoilage" we received - we love you guys!