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Monday, December 12, 2011

Cru and the Christmas Tree

Casey and I started putting Cru in timeout about a month ago. As he is only 16 months old we decided we would start with one thing and as he learned not to do it, to move on to something else. SOOOOO, the first thing we started with was to put him in time out everytime he threw something down the stairs (it started putting dings in the wall). After about 3 days of telling him "no" and putting him time out, he stopped.
The 2nd thing we put him in time out for was twisting the knobs on the stove - that took about a week.
The 3rd thing was the Christmas Tree.
Casey and I went back and forth on this one - I wanted him to be allowed to touch the tree. He thinks it is SO magical and is so fascinated with it when the lights are on. So it is really hard for me to put him in timeout for it. But, Caseys point was that he didnt want him to touch 'other peoples' trees and break something of theirs. He had a good point, so I agreed (im still sad about it). Anyway...So everytime Cru touches the tree we give him a warning "Cru, dont touch the Christmas tree." and if he touches it again, we go over kneal down, point our finger at the tree and say "no no". Then we pick him up and put him in time out for 45 seconds. Well on Thursday, I did this with him ALL DAY! After about the 11th time I went in the kitchen and started doing dishes, and not to my surprise he dashed over to the tree and started touching it. I said "Cru, please dont touch the Christmas Tree", he looked over at me and then turned to the tree, put out his finger and said "No, No!" and then RAN to timeout and sat there for like 20 seconds!!! It was hilarious!!!
Obviously, he thinks timout is worth touching the Christmas Tree! So funny!
The good news is - he doesnt touch anyone elses' Tree!