" I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that LOVING is the best calorie burner. I believe kissing. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." ~Audrey Hepburn

Monday, March 15, 2010

8 pairs and counting. HAHA

Yesterday, I cleaned out our baby's closet. It was packed full of ski and soccer stuff and years of collecting baby things/clothes. Casey and I finally decided on what colors the nursery will be, so he sat in the room with me and designed the main wall of the room on Photoshop. I cant wait to actually get the walls done!
I grabbed a box from the basement and piled in ALL the girl things I had.
I have a confession, until I found out we were having a boy, both my mother and I have been buying girl outfits FOREVER.
As it all started piling up, and the closet became less and less NOT PACKED I realized how incredibly grateful I am, that I am NOT having a girl!
And then, I found a box. FULL of BOY things, including, 6 pair of shoes for him! They all start at size 4, but I now remember where they came from and the killer deal I got on them! I am SO glad that I didn't resist! I must add, he already has 8 pairs of shoes.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Red & White lights

For those that know me, I am NOT a procrastinator. In fact, it drives me CRAZY when others are. I am a detailed person and like things how I like them. Nor, do I like my own things out of order. That is why I am surprised that I still carry my license around that expired last July (yes, my license expired 8 months ago!!!) Casey and I have gone to get it renewed. By the time we get there after work, it is already 5. We wait for a hour and then we are told to come back tomorrow. It is very discouraging, but doesn’t matter cause my license is STILL expired.
So, Casey had a soccer game last night at 9:55. We walked into the garage and I told Casey that I would drive so he could get his gear on (thinking in my head, “I should grab my purse” – I didn’t. We went and picked up Dan and took the back roads to the Timpanogos Indoor Soccer arena. The frontage road to this place, is the same frontage road you take to the dump by Utah Lake. It’s pretty desolate, and you hardly EVER see a 2nd car – last night we did. The road has pot holes all over it, I swerved back in forth dodging them and saw the car behind me doing the same. I was proud of myself, I didn’t hit one!
I made a slight right turn and immediately, red and white lights starting flashing in my rear view mirror.
I looked at Casey and said “Was I speeding?”
He responded “No, but you just ran that stop sign.” With a grin on his face. – I love that he cant get mad at me.
I horrifically looked at him and said “I don’t have my license!”
So, Casey got the registration out of the dash and the officer approached the car.
I rolled down my window and he asked for my license and registration.
I bit my lip, handed him my registration and embarrassed, stated “Unfortunately, I don’t have my purse. Do you want my husband’s?”
He looked at me like I was an idiot.
I deserved that look. I was the driver. Not Casey.
He then reminded me of that – whatever.
Then the Officer kindly informed me that I was pulled over for running the stop sign.
Off he went.
Dan, in the back seat started saying how easy it would be to NOT have to pay for the no license ticket, that I just needed to prove that I had one. That’s when I informed him, that my license expired 8 months ago!
Then I called the officer a D-bag – I know attractive right? Then, I said the “S” word cause I KNEW that my not 1 ticket, but the 2 tickets I was about it get was probably going to take at least half of the bonus I just got at work. But seriously, he followed me for more than 4 miles and 15 yards before the arena I make one little mistake , that I didn’t know I made and I’m busted – it was rude.
I am surprised I didn’t start crying – the whole hormones being out of whack when you are preggo, totally doesn’t apply to me. And how grateful I am for that.
The officer came back, he asked if I have a license in a different state. I reassured him that I do not. And that’s when he thought he was informing me for the first time that my license has been expired since July.
I went along with it, and the only thing I could get out was “OH!”
Then he told me how much my tickets were going to cost me, and when he saw the saddened look sweep across my face he added, “If I felt so inclined to give you those tickets!”
I told him that “I hope you don’t feel inclined!”
Then, he said “Promise me, you will go get your license renewed tomorrow, and next time – stop at that stop sign.”
I promised, and he walked away.

Dear Mr. Police Officer, I would have got out of the car and gave you a HUGE hug if you would have let me. I wish I could have seen your face instead of the horrific bright light from your flashlight beaming in my eyes so that I could recognize your face the next time I saw you. I wish you knew that I was pregnant and was hoping to take my lover on a romantic getaway with my bonus I just got and that if you would have given me those tickets, it would have put a damper on our plans. Thank you for being kind, and giving me a warning!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Any Ideas?

Casey and I want to go on a MINI vacation…somewhere not too far away, somewhere completely relaxing and romantic. I fear we may end up in St. George or Vegas…which is fine – but I am ready to explore my other options. Any ideas?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is it true? Please excuse my forwardness!

***Clarification: None of the below statements are concerns of my own, they have come from blogs that I have read and find it entertaining...so, I don't really need them answered, I was just curious if you had anything you worried or thought about before your babe came.

Is it true that you really forget who you really are once you have kids? Do you really forget what you and your lover did BEFORE that most amazing gift was given to you? Are you really too tired to make love? Do you really need short hair? Do your boobs really get stretch marks and become saggy? Is it really too hard to walk in my darling stilettos at 30+ weeks, or is it more hard or impossible while carrying your child? Is it true that it is hard to travel or just get out of the house? Will my boobs really mean something totally different to my love once I start breastfeeding?
I dont know? Some I dont care much about, others I pray would never happen, and the rest - I am DETERMINED that it WILL NOT happen.
However, I am aware that things are going to dramatically change in what Casey and I think is our PERFECT world. But we are so ready! We are so ready for our son to come into this world, to teach him things, to watch him discover and learn new things. To introduce him to different foods and different point of views and we cant wait to see what extracurricular activites he will choose to do. Will it be soccer, debate, football, cheer???, who knows...but there is a world of possibilities awaiting him and I can't wait to meet him.
So, as I have read the above questions; some on blogs, some shared by family and friends, honestly, the list could go on. I find it entertaining. What were some of your fears/concerns?